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A Journal of a Journey to the Past

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A Journal of a Journey to the Past

We are passengers on a train. Life is a train and I'm a passenger who sits backwards. Fore I'm watching the passing view, I'm actually reflecting back on what had passed.

Six months passed. It was only six months, but some other believe six months are quite a long time when important things in life happened. We most probably didn't realize it was six months that had passed without us in our hometown.

I remember someone anxiously said, "I'm afraid my friends back home are getting comfortable without my presence." But that famous six months is over and there were also six months happen in our life, here in Gelsenkirchen where we lived.

Gelsenkirchen is a small town. One small-yet-sufficient town that is located in the North Rhine Westphalian area, North-West part of Germany. Not far from where I live lies a long path with trees on each sides, an agricultural land as far as the eye can see, many farm houses, a field full of horses and another field full of cows. Further, there are many hills where you can see the whole town of Gelsenkirchen from the top of it. It is such a pleasant place to find a piece of mind. I consider this place as my "escape place", I usually ran to this place to jog :)

However, this small town doesn't keep us from other places. We were adventurous, we explored crossing countries. Name it Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, France, Italy and Romania.


Everyone knows that most goods in Switzerland are expensive. Due to this we packed ourselves some snacks from home and hoping we wouldn't spend too much in Switzerland. It helps but not as much as we expected. We still spend quite a lot. However we had the chance to visit three beautiful places: Rhine Waterfall, Luzern and Zurich. It's even prettier when you visit with some friends.


"What crossed your mind when you heard the word 'Paris'?" Asked our tour guide.

"Eiffel Tower!"

"Triumph de arc!"

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