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The Origin of Sikidang Crater

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Once, there was a beautiful princess named Shinto Dewi. He lived in a magnificent palace on the Dieng Plateau. The beauty of the princess is famous everywhere. However, none of the men managed to propose to her, because Shinto Dewi always requires an unmatched amount of dowry.

A prince named Kidang Garungan was interested in applying for Shinto Dewi. He was sure that his wealth could fulfill the requirements proposed by Shinto Dewi. Then, he sent his envoy to the Dieng Plateau to propose.

"Our arrival here is to convey the proposal of the Prince of the Garfield Court. The Prince agreed to whatever amount of dowry the Princess proposed," said the deputy Prince of the Garfield Court.

Princess Shinto Dewi thought for a moment. The rich prince who was proposing marriage was surely a handsome and authoritative man. If not, surely the prince will not propose to her.

Prince Kidang Garungan Pinangan was received by Shinto Dewi. Prince Garungan was very happy when he heard his proposal was received. He immediately prepared a wedding

When the wedding day arrived, Pangeran Kidang Garungan and his entourage came to the residence of Shinta Dewi. When meeting with the Prince, Shinto Dewi was very surprised, because it turns out that Prince Kidang Garungan is a human headed kidang (deer) or deer.

Then, Princess Shinto Dewi thought hard about how to cancel the marriage. Therefore, he proposed a difficult condition to her future husband.

"Kanda, there is one more condition that you must fulfill if you want to marry me. This area is lacking clean water, Dinda wants Kanda to make a well overnight. The well must be done by Kanda himself," "said Princess Shinta Dewi.

"All right, Dinda. Kanda will fulfill these requirements," answered the prince.

Pangeran Kidang Garungan began to make a well at the location designated by Princess Shinto Dewi. With his magic, he dug a well using only his hands and horns. When it was morning, the well that was being made was almost finished. This makes Princess Shinto Dewi panic.

Because she did not want to marry the prince with a deer-headed, Princess Shinto Dewi mobilized her bodyguards to hoard the land that was being dug up by the Prince of Garungan. The prince panicked when suddenly the ground began to erupt and heap it up. By mobilizing his supernatural powers, there arose an explosion and Prince Kidang Garungan tried to get out of the gap in the land heap.

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