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Are you smart people ?

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Are you smart people ?

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To be perfectly smart people who could be studied from two factors :

1). Internal Factor,

  • That person is smart because it is genetically born of the seed of the father or the mother's parents who smart. It can not be denied medical research on DNA / chromosome / genetic in genetics and genetic engineering (genetically engineering) has proven that superior seedlings should come from a superior source (parents who excel). In plain view in an environment where we live can meet people who are below standard intelligence (idiot / mentally weak / weak sense) must have met the people who minds a good / smart.
  • Local wisdom when considering the potential of Java-law visits from SEED, WEIGHT, bebet also practiced in Arab society and traditional Jews. The two nations are always seeing the family pedigree and background in-law potential and above 7 descendant (father, grandfather, great-grandfather who dst up to 7 or more generations, to ensure no one selected), complicated indeed and do not be surprised if they have such a distinguished record complete when asked about who his ancestors. To JEWISH when discovered that there are ancestors of the prospective son-they will be problematic.

For example :

Physical disability, idiot / weak mental / have the potential for serious illness, etc, then when it was also the candidate in CUT / REFUSED to marry his son because it was feared would be born generations also problematic. Recent studies on intelligence at Harvard revealed that Fak Pschology intelligence / intelligence is divided into 8 types (on another occasion I will discuss).

2). External Factor, that is even though genetically the child is not smart but can be stimulated to be smart in a way :

  • a). Watch The Nutrition Factor / Especially Protein Intake time a child in the womb up to 5 years of age. 80% of the formation of human brain cells to take place the days of this critical age. Child malnutrition or poor nutrition has the potential not smart because developing brain cells are not perfect. If the formation's height can be up to the age of 20 years, but the formation of brain cells is perfect only up to age 5 years.


  • b). Watch The Lifestyle Factor / Life Style which can damage brain functions such as SMOKING and ALCOHOL BEVERAGES, medical research reveals that the nicotine in cigarettes & ALCOHOL consumed regularly can weaken the brain and damage brain cells which structur Common Weak husband's dance, late thinkers & Stupid. Hence nicotine, alcoholA, marijuana, heroin / mix, amphetamine / ecstasy into the category DRUG very harmful to brain health, so do not ever try the toxins if they will not want to fool.


  • c). Education, distinguished education curriculum and appropriate to encourage the brain berstimulasi become sharper and smarter. In experiments on two rats proved that, in the first experiment rats were fed only works effortlessly and business. While in the second experiment rats were fed in addition to also trained / in-challenge / stimulated by the game / obstacle course / perform certain tasks, then when the brain is dissected rat brains which were given greater brain education because the cells are also more complex nervous compared with rat brain cells shy. EDUCATION AND TRAINING So with the right mouse can be smart any more for man.


  • d). Nutritional Intake. Daily nutritional intake, especially protein, because this substance is the fuel for the brain. Consumption of meat, fish, eggs and nuts are very good for the brain. Protein-deficient brain can be detected :
  1. d1). Easy sleepy / lazy / many stunned.
  2. d2). While reading a tired, listless and sleepy.
  3. d3). When analyzing / do the problems quickly counting hot and tired brain.


Community Indonesia if viewed from a more severe food patterns to carbohydrates have been predicted by experts protein malnutrition suffered less serious consequences HOBBY NOT READ because if you read the book THE HEAD SO DIZZY, HOT & sleepy luggage. IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF PROTEINS TO BE MORE THEN THE BRAIN AND BE READY FOR USE INTELLIGENT.

  • e) The pattern of life, those who emigrated / migrated / land of people living far from extended family and was always forced to maximize the functions of his brain to think about looking for new breakthroughs to be able to survive in a harsh life. It's also great for making a smart person's brain. Notice of the nations who like to wander like CHINA, JEWS, EUROPE, INDIA. They are generally intelligent because his brain is used maximally to survive in new areas. So for parents who have children after age 20 years (mainly male) Expel THEM FOR (childish) wander and do not let the son of the father so  MAMI CHILD / Spoiled & WEAK. Getting rid of the boys away from parents is the real proof of love so that he became a distinguished leader in the future bright. Sustenance not only in Jakarta, there are still many vacant land outside Java that require creative touches become more productive and produce, there's no reason to idle ...!!! Hopefully understood to be smart ............ amen !

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