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Bagendit Lake

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Once upon a time in a long time ago in a village located in the city of Garut, West Java there lived a very rich woman called Bagendit, this abundant wealth was not found but was obtained from a legacy that is known to the world. With abundant wealth, it makes bagendit to become miser, arrogant and arbitrary with the small people.

Because the most luxurious in the village, she often holds large-scale parties, this party is held specifically to show off the property and jewelry that she has for residents around. However, she is rich. She never wanted to help the citizens. She always refused arrogantly to ask for help. Residents do not like the temperament of Bagendit. But they could not do anything because only ordinary citizens.

One day a large party compilation took place, came a beggar in tattered clothes, tattered pants. He also said "Nyai, please give me just a little food, I'm hungry, I haven't eaten for a few days" said the beggar.

Feeling annoyed with the beggar, Nyai  Bagendit was very angry and chased the beggar rudely, "Get out of my house, dirty beggar !!!" The beggar left feeling very sad.

One day there was a strange incident in the village where there was a stick stuck in the road, because there was curious residents were trying to pull out the sticks, but could not. They think to pull it rollicking so they pull out rollicking but still this stick can't be pulled.

Until the beggar arrived, followed by Gendit at that time, she tried to pull out the stick and the stick was pulled out and released air, without even realizing that the air was pouring out because people who wanted to visit so that they sought higher ground to be safe.

Because of that greed, bagendit, she did not want to leave his house at all with a lot of possessions and jewelry. Until finally she finished filled with treasure, the house joined her contents. In the end the village formed a beautiful small lake. People call it 'Situ Bagendit'.

Situ the lake and Bagendit comes from the word Nyai Bagendit. Some people believe that sometimes we can see a mattress at the bottom of a lake. They said it was the incarnation of Nyai Bagendit that did not escape the air trap.