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Indonesian Non-Tax Revenue on The Face Of Industrial Revolution 4.0

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Indonesian Non-Tax Revenue on The Face Of Industrial Revolution 4.0

By: Rahman Key


Indonesia is known as a country that has large natural resources where natural resources are one of the driving factors of the country's economy which has now entered a new era in the industrial world. The industrial revolution 4.0 was marked by the development of industries with almost all technology-based activities.

In addition, the pattern of marketing, service, and administration has begun to use the digitization method. This has an effect on drastically increasing competition in digital technology-based industrial activities.

At present, Indonesian people are getting used to using digital technology-based services. Various types of "startup" companies emerged as a form of the existence of new companies in responding to the needs of the people in the modern era.

In the past four years, industrial sectors in Indonesia have started technology-based economic activities. Therefore support for every digital technology-based business activity must also be adequate. Is it related to facilities and regulations, so that business competition can be controlled properly. Because after all, this business activity contributes to state revenues.

In July 2018, the Indonesian House of Representatives ratified the regulation on Non Tax Revenues (NTR) designed by the Indonesian government and the Indonesian Parliament. The law contains the release of administrative services for public services from NTR objects and is more focused on the business world.

This will cause every business activity to compete to improve services for the existence of the company. With the achievement of Indonesian NTR in 2018 which is Rp. 275.4 trillion or 14.5% of the total state income of Rp. 1,894.7 trillion, NTR which usually relies on revenues from the oil and gas sector, will now focus more on absorption from the business world.

In dealing with the challenges of industrial revolution 4.0 in this modern era, Non Tax Revenues are an instrument that is considered appropriate to increase state revenues and industrial competition which prioritizes service for the people of Indonesia. So, what needs to be done in order to maintain good industrial competition are:

  • Supervision and guidance

The emergence of new business activities based on digital technology, will make the community have many options in choosing the products to be used. Therefore the supervision of applications and content on social media must be tightened. 

So that people avoid fraud and other crime practices. In addition to supervision, regular training and training on new technology must be conducted in order to maintain the existence of business activities.

  • Administrative reform

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