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How Astrology Helps You Find The Right Life Partner

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How Astrology Helps You Find The Right Life Partner | How Astrology Helps You Find The Right Life Partner

In life, timing is everything! If you are at the right place, with the right set of people and at the right time, then you get everything in your life. Hence, at times when you are not able to realize your dreams then it is high time that you consult an expert astrologer right away. There is a very high chance that you might get to know the time when you will meet your soulmate and the various things that need to be done to keep the charm and spark alive in your relationship. It is widely believed that the heavenly / celestial bodies impact and influence most of the significant dimensions and hence if you wish to know what lies ahead in your love life or the apt time to get married, you should seek consultation for Janam kundli reading from an expert marriage astrologer.

Any relationship expands and grows to a level when both the individuals get to know each other very well. Both the partners should be committed to the self-development & acquiring knowledge about self-else the relationship may depend on codependency. The family matters should be resolved with some personal awareness and then only happiness. The birth chart of the person depicts the symbolic structure of the various values, emotional expressions, ideals, etc. that each individual carries in a relationship. The chart also tells about our communication skills, like if Mercury of a person is a water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) in the birth chart, then they struggle to find appropriate words when they become emotional and are unable to speak. 

Astrology For Match Making

Compatibility is considered to be very important before the partners decide to get into a relationship. People should consult knowledgeable and expert astrologers to avoid divorce at the later stage. Various solutions & remedies are being offered by the Vedic astrology for matchmaking and promotion of a happy, stable and a robust marriage relationship. The Vedic astrology aims at matching the birth horoscopes of the two potential partners without any flaws and with extreme care. In-depth analysis of Yogas & Doshas, Manglik analysis, For Milan are some of the conventional methods through which Astrology gives the recommendations that need to be followed before any decision about the marriage is taken.

The most critical aspect in choosing the right life partner is selecting the right and expert astrologer who knows his / her job to perfection and is adept in various facets / aspects of astrology. The process needs to be carried out with a proper understanding. The most important and basic work that needs to be done is the in-depth analysis and accurate calculations. If these two tasks are carried out with perfection and no flaws, then life is good without any problems.

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There are some main points that need to be considered while matching the horoscopes of the prospective partners. Eight aspects should be judged as per the Ashtakoota system, and these include sexual compatibility, behavior, understanding & mental compatibility. Vedic astrology states that all these aspects should be compatible between the two partners and then they can enjoy promising, peaceful & a blissful married life. The composite total of the different points allocated to these aspects sum up to 36 and the minimum points needed for the marriage to take place are 18.

Only Zodiac signs are not sufficient, but other elements should also be compatible. Only Vedic method to match the horoscope or use Milan are the part of Zodiac signs. The Zodiac signs can indicate basic tendencies and inclination, but various other facets such as Dasha and birth charts need to be analyzed before the astrologer can predict accurately with absolute certainty while matching the compatibility of the prospective partners. 

Position of the Moon

The way Moon is placed in the birth chart is very critical as it depicts how the emotional support and comfort will be bestowed on the native. As human beings, we all have different needs, but their relative importance is different and unique. If we understand our Moon sign, then we may be able to find creative ways to meet our own needs in places of depending on others. If someone has Moon in Sagittarius, then the native tends to enjoy travel, learning, and adventure. If the native has the Moon in Taurus then a beautiful home, calm and soothing atmosphere and a sumptuous meal is likely to be satisfying. It is said that the more we nurture ourselves then it becomes a cakewalk for us to nurture others.

Finding Out The Compatible Partner

There are miscellaneous reasons when individuals are attracted to each other at a specific time of their life. There is also a belief that attraction is sometimes based on past lives and its an agreement to meet that particular person. As per Astrology, nodal and planetary connections are clearly visible from one chart to the other if there is a robust connection between the two individuals. The two lovers feel the instant connection as per the planetary movement, and the main task of the astrologer is to understand the association and to choose how to pursue it.

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