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Twitch in English means a sudden jerking motion or spasm. Surprisingly though, the word Twitch in today’s mainstream society has a different meaning. Basically, is a streaming platform for people who enjoy video games and would like to watch others play. It allows for viewers to watch a live eSports event or support their favorite gamer play video games, compete with others or finish quests. as a media has helped connect the video game community together. It has become a place to not only watch but discuss and chat with another while members grow by the 100 million per month.

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The video game industry should be especially happy with as it’s an additional promotion. As of not so long ago, the website is not limited to video games but also creating/drawing artwork and charity events. It’s most recent popular event would be Bob Ross’s memorial/twitch marathon. Bob Ross a very influential painter who promoted happiness through his artworks, died 20 years ago. Though even after his death, Bob managed to warmth the hearts of many. Up to 5 million unique viewers through the 1 month duration came to watch Bob Ross’s videos on painting. Happy little trees were his iconic signature in his drawings. itself over the years (founded in 2011) has become a very influential and powerful company that attracted other giant corporations who seek to acquire it. It started as a sub group from, a streaming site containing all categories. The gaming section of was branched off into and not long after it surpassed its parent group.

Google first approached Twitch but backed off from the deal, according to Forbes, was due to antitrust concerns. Google already owns Youtube so in addition with Twitch would result in anti-competition or somewhat a monopoly. On August 25th 2014 Twitch became a subsidiary of who acquired the website for $970 million.

For some it would seem to be a waste of time to watch someone play a game rather than play it yourself. This brings us to the debate upon eSports itself and why it’s so popular. Like any other athletic sport or even chess, we enjoy watching competition especially at the highest level because their exciting and because we look to improve ourselves. Gamers on twitch are people too and have their own distinct personalities that tend to humor and amuse their viewers.

Viewers if pleased have the option to donate to the streamer. As a small thank you, the viewer gets to write a small message that can be a question, motivation or anything really. The message is displayed on the streamers display and is read out by an automated robot voice. The more popular streamers like Summit1G for CS:GO, Arteezy and AdmiralBulldog from Dota 2 have on average 20k viewers constantly and are bombarded by messages and donations. These gamers play for sport however in their free time they play video games, stream for fun and make a bit of money on the side. A single donation averages to $4 and some streamers manage to live off of streaming through donations and subscriptions, simply by playing video games.

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