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Education as A Tool of Resistance

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As we already know, that education is important in the development of thinking, experience, and also as a mean of resistance. How could it be? Because education is a tool that is used to open universal insights in living the problems of social life, especially in responding to the perspective of someone who forces them to stay in education because it is only a certificate or praise value from seniors and teachers, so they feel proud of their academic and intellectual achievements.

What recently happening is very far from the nature of education where the essence of education is to free humans from old-fashioned internal and external orders. Moreover, the quality of national education is still low, the learning system is not adequate, and coupled with a severe morality crisis has become a big issue in the current education reform process.

Humans are not born automatically with a modern person. But it becomes working out because it is shaped by the experiences of their life. If a person lived in an environment that wass conducive to socio-cultural changes, his personal formation would take place intensively (Hasan, 1987: 11).

The processes of how the person is formed come from the area of education. Education is a conscious and continuous effort by humans in aligning their personality with the beliefs and values that circulate and apply in society and its culture.

Betrand Russell stated that the characteristics of education were in the values of honesty and courage. As stated in the statement: "Education is intended so that humans reflect their environment properly through their knowledge acquired by intelligence so that they can involve themselves emotionally with love, kindness, and justice for others. Finally, he develops his will and abilities for humanitarian projects and does not experience the constraints of narrow chauvinism" (Russell, 1993: xv). For this reason, according to Russell, it is necessary to create an education system that is free from repression.

Therefore, education can be understood as a series of reform efforts. As an effort to reform, RS Peters in his book "The Philosophy of Education" emphasized that, essentially, education is known has no end, because the quality of human life continues to improve. So, what it must be questioned that there was a preparation towards the goal, but how people acted at this time. So that if the educational method used was clear and liberating, it would produce responsive, active, and creative individuals. Only in a dialogical educational situation would people be able to keep up with the changing times (Peters, 1973: 11-29).

Likewise, education had different meanings in line with the context of society and culture (Barnadit, 1995: 13). Because of education, society was advanced. Likewise, advanced education could only be found in developed societies (Syam, 1988: 199).

Education was also considered capable of changing and saving people for their future. The purpose of education always meant to be the reconstruction of continuous experience that was progressive (Djuberansyah, 1994: 131).

In addition, the task of education is to conduct research or observation of human abilities and test them in practical work or in other words, humans actualize their ideas in the real world, in thoughts and actions.

According to Alvin Toffler, all education was rooted in the image of the future. If the basic image of the future was not right, then the education system would bring losses, because it caused educational efforts to become irrelevant. In fact, according to Alvin Toffler, the future was difficult to predict, therefore the image of the future should have not be final but it was still possible to change (Bali-kolong, 1985: 175).

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