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The Role of Maulana Syeikh in The Frame of Bhineka Tunggal Ika as The Existence of Santri That Have Patriotism Spirit

22 Oktober 2021   23:41 Diperbarui: 22 Oktober 2021   23:45 155
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"Santri will be close with moral education" (Mrs. H)

Hello readers, How are you? Tulisan ini teruntuk para santri dan para pejiwa santri..Happy reading.

Indonesia with million diversity is currently experiencing national hustle. Diversity that we have can be as potential to enrich the national treasure as form of collaboration and unity. But can also be potential that can cause disunity. When this can cause collaboration and unity, it will be increasingly strengthen national identity and personality.

 But on the contrary, when this diversity cannot be addressed wisely, it will cause internal conflicts. One of them is the threat of disintegration that continues to occur into complex problem that must be faced by the nation of Indonesia. In fact, now the threat of disintegration in the form of racism that was happen in Papua involves so many factors. 

The actions that was taken by some citizens and officials in Surabaya caused confusion and even violence. Absolutely this is major problem that must be faced by the Indonesian society because in fact, Papua is being targeted by several big nations that have an interest because of their natural wealth and strategic location for those who are in the circle of global struggle. Therefore, the sensitivity of the Papua's people due to racism that occurs must be seriously addressed by the government (Hasanuddin Abdurrakhman, 2019).

The concept of Bhineka Tunggal Ika as view of life in multiculturalism is indeed suitable for use by the Indonesian society with the fact that, Indonesian society with high level of multiculturalism is able to survive and strengthen its existence in the middle of the current modernization of the world, on the other hand, the diversity of the Indonesian nation is one of the treasures of Indonesia sublime nation which is indeed national inheritance. It is not an Indonesian name if cannot able to compete with multi-dimensional conditions. Therefore, the existence of national heroes is very important in the life process that we have lived so that it makes us not forget to keep remembering the national heroes.

In West Nusa Tenggara, there are 549 Islamic boarding schools spread out in various regions (BPS NTB, 2014). Absolutely that must be grateful by the society of West Nusa Tenggara, because value and moral education that will uphold the value of youth patriotism spirit is very strong in Islamic intuitional education. Talking about Islamic boarding schools, absolutely it is inseparable with the pioneer of Islamic education. In Indonesia, especially West Nusa Tenggara who usually called Maulana Syeikh, a national hero from our beloved region.

Maulana Syeikh began his activation by establishing the Pesantren Al-Mujahidin (fighters), which was built near his residence ( Bermi, pancor ). This Pesantren has deep historical significance for the national education of the Santri, this is evidenced by the purpose of building this Pesantren as manifestation of Maulana Syeikh as educated young intellectuals thought the condition of his nation. 

Means, Maulana Syeikh has lofty ambition to serve the nation by actualizing it through the means of teaching value and moral education in Pesantren. This is as the answer of colonialist resistance. Teaching and learning activities which are applied in accordance with the value of nation ideology, that was Pancasila. It is showed in his poem:

Negara kita berpancasila
Berketuhanan yang Maha Esa
Ummat islam paling setia
Tegakkan sila yang paling utama

Hidupkan iman hidupkan taqwa
Agar hiduplah semua jiwa
Cinta teguh pada agama
Cinta kokoh pada negara        

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