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Three Days Rainy Trip

12 April 2012   12:48 Diperbarui: 25 Juni 2015   06:42 114 0 4

Yuhuuuuu.. Just got back from my first overtseas trip.. first time on airplane. First time slept at the airport. Wooogh.. everythings for the first time! From Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. One nite slept at LCCT, one full day explored Kuala Lumpur and Genting High Lands. One nite stayed at bus, went through Johor Baru and then visited Singapore for two days. What amazing trip! Thx Alloh, my beloved brother, parents, boss, friends :*

Three days rainy trip. Yess, rainy, but I really enjoyed it. I’ll tell you every moment on my trip in my blog; how to travel abroad by airplane, destination, the cost, what you see, what you need, what do you use to get there, social life in each country. Uhuhuuu, cant wait to share anything with you :-)

...... bye