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If I were The President, This Is what I Would Do Now to Fight The Coronavirus

6 April 2020   10:00 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   10:06 6 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

If I (Nicholas Zefanya Iskandar) were the president of Indonesia, I would have implemented the lockdown system. The system is meant to keep citizens to stay at home, leaving their house would be prohibited unless they are going to the supermarket with the permission from the officer that was assigned to patrol the area. 

We (the government) know how hard it is to implement lockdown here in Indonesia because there are a lot of people who are struggling with their financial situation, to solve that problem the government will focus the country's revenue from the citizens' tax money to not only fund hospitals that are fighting the coronavirus (Covid-19) but also to pay a small amount for people who are struggling with their finance. The way it works is that people who have incomes below the minimum wage will get Rp. 4.000.000 per family (husband and wife) and they will get it at start of the month. 

Although it is hard but we must implement this so we can suppress the number of people who are infected and so the hospital will have room for other patients who are dealing with another type of sickness. 

The lockdown will probably last for 2 months or around 8 weeks, yes it will be hard to endure the boredom and stay at home but we force you to do so. The officers will be equipped with rubber bullet and tear gas, and are given the permission to shoot everyone who is going outside of their home area (land area). 

China was able to fight the pandemic by implementing lockdown in Wuhan because the city was the epicenter of the virus, to not let it spread the government implement lockdown and with the citizens cooperating very well they are able to get it done within 2 months so we have to assume if the people are cooperating well, we will be able to do around the same eve with our lack in technology we are confident that we can do the same. With the help of South korea and China supporting us by supplying us with the medical necessities we will be able to do it as fast as them.

The officers that will work and patrol the area will be paid more an compared to their usual wage, equipped with gloves, maskers, rubber bullets , tear gas and the permission to use them accordingly, each officer will be assigned to guard 3-4 houses and will work as group if needed, the shift will change every 12 hours at 6 at their own regional time. With this we hope that they can work to the maximum without having to  worry getting infected.

Additional policies include, we will  punish people who are reselling masker and hand sanitizer at a ridiculous price by giving them a fine, supermarket will limit the amount people can buy for each product unless they are a company that is working around food products (they must bring their business certificate), citizens are required to use a mask if they want to go out to the supermarket. 

At the supermarket it is recommended that they keep atleast 1 meter distance between customers. Avoid physical contact with another person. Wash your hands, stay healthy, stay safe, stay at home.

Thank you for reading.