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Why Do People Commit Plagiarism?

17 Maret 2020   16:22 Diperbarui: 19 Mei 2020   10:07 13 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Why Do People Commit Plagiarism?
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The day was a bad day for him. He was my classmate at that time and he should present a presentation assignment. I saw him walking in front of the class, looking confused. As soon as he introduced himself, he read his presentation. He just read it without any gestures and eye contacts. Then the lecturer asked him for several question, but he did nothing. He just stood in front and look so confused. 

Eventually, the lecturer knew that he did plagiarism and gave him bad score. People know that plagiarism is a bad idea and affect at their value of society. Inevitably, people who do plagiarism may be directed by these causes such as laziness, people's perspective of result, and lacking risks understanding of plagiarism.

Laziness is the general cause of plagiarism. Most people nowadays are lacking motivation to do some complicated work. As a result, they just do copy and paste. In fact, people who are lazy and end up with plagiarism usually have no creativity and management skills. You can see this kind people when you're in school or office. Finding someone's works to replace yours from the internet does take time and effort, and even take more time than actually doing the work for oneself. If a person has enough time to do the works, but he or she neglects to use his or her brain and do plagiarism. This person is lazy.

Most people prefer to have great score rather than their honesty. It's inevitable that some people do that. By plagiarism, you can easily get great score. This cause occurs because the concern for honesty is running low. People don't care anymore with the process and just focus on the result even though they do anyways include cheating or plagiarism.

People don't know that plagiarism can make them in serious problem. Those people who are doing plagiarism usually have no idea what the risks behind that. For example, when someone does plagiarism on Youtube, the video will be copystriked by the creator and his video got taken down by Youtube. Not only that, this guy can even face copyright law.

If people do plagiarism, it's possible that they have factors for it. Then the causes above present. Most people consider plagiarism is a bad attitude that should avoid. Thus, people need to be creative and innovative so they can make an original content by themselves.