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MTsN 1 Bandar Lampung Goes to Klara Beach: M. Haidar Amhar

8 Februari 2024   15:39 Diperbarui: 8 Februari 2024   15:45 154
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Klara Beach, with its calm waves and soft white sand, witnessed the excitement of outbound activities which were attended by 150 students from MTsN 1 Bandar Lampung. They departed using 6 buses and 4 private vehicles to this beautiful destination. Among them, M. Haidar Amhar, a class 9D student, is ready to have a day full of adventure.

Haidar carried his personal equipment neatly; towels, combs, copy clothes, drinking water, food supplies, and of course pocket money. Arriving at MTsN at 7 am, Haidar joined his friends and got ready on the bus that would take them to Klara Beach. Boarding the bus at 7.08am, the journey begins.

Views of mountains and green forests beautify their journey. Cheers and joyful laughter could be heard on the bus, creating a cheerful atmosphere. When they arrived at Klara Beach, the children's cheerful faces depicted happiness that was difficult to express in words.

The day started with an official opening by the committee, accompanied by group prayers and uplifting chants. The outbound activities were guided by reliable facilitators from Newland, such as Roni Julianto who was the leader facilitator. They brought various exciting games such as puzzle games by Fauzan, walking stairs by Agus S, or human scanning by Dimas.

The t-shirt relay session by Derajat, and ball and basketball games by Wanda, further enriched the participants' experience. Each team must complete all the games. All activities are accompanied by laughter, competitive spirit and a strong sense of togetherness. After going through various challenges, now is the time for them to immerse themselves in the excitement of playing in the water at the beach.

Asr approaches, outbound activities are still continuing. All participants had fun on the beach, enjoying the much-awaited moment. However, towards dusk, when they felt tired but happy, it was time to pack all their belongings into their bags.
After completing a series of outbound activities, participants and facilitators united in joy, playing in the water on the beach, and taking a refreshing banana boat ride. As Asr time approached, they remained enthusiastic and enjoyed every moment together.

As the sun slides west, participants are asked to pack their belongings into their bags. Even though the activity ended with the usual routine, the atmosphere was still lively and full of laughter. Each student was satisfied with the outbound experience they had at Klara Beach.

Announcement of the winners of the shouting competition and several games held by the outbound team. The winners of the shout competition were: 1st place winner class 9C, 2nd place winner class 9A, 3rd place winner class 9E, 1st place winner class 9B, and 2nd place winner class 9D. The winner of the favorite game goes to team 3.

When the buses returned to take them home, the atmosphere was still busy. The participants, including M. Haidar Amhar, took home beautiful memories and unforgettable experiences from a fun-filled day at Klara Beach.

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