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Ilmu Sosbud


24 September 2022   22:55 Diperbarui: 24 September 2022   22:55 35 0 0
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Ilmu Sosbud dan Agama. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS

Identity in our life is a thing that connect us since we are born until now because identity is an important thing that have it own trait in our individual psychology aspect. This topic is very interestin especially in this globalization era where culture identity from different country also came in and affect our lifestyle and some of it really conflicted with our local norms.

At previous paragraf we talked about how importance identity to our life and why we need to know about our identity because identity is a product from more than one single identity, there is identity you shape on your community residence, there is community about your social style depend on the situation and condition around us that happening right know or already happen long time ago. And there is identity we shape when we in school and workplace and the most basic identity is about our family depend it an big family or our main family and our gender as boy or girl.

And among this identity there is identity that I gonna share in shape of story

  1. Personal Identity

Personal or self identity from my experience it more like the identity that I shape on my local communities and among friends where I shape my behavior so people can be more open to talked with me even sometimes it difficult to do. But not only that self identity is also about how our feels to get the meaning of the life itself and we mostly got this from people around us, especially our parents.

  1. Gender Identity

Gender Identity is an identity that got identified from our anatomy since our births and this identity also the one that shape our social structure where the woman is consider feminine and the boys consider as masculine. And it also help to shape our norms in our life. And also differentiate our job too like example there is jobs that got trait as woman jobs or man jobs like example Baby sitter, Nurse or any jobs that have aspect about serving people even it not all of them, and for male jobs there is Police, Soldier, Carpenter or any jobs that include about hardworking career but on the sad side it also differentiates the salary where the woman will get pay less than the man. And also on my own experience is very crucial especially when you live in Indonesia since right now our country still has “conservative” norms unlike in Europe or America and etc. where they have an LGBT movement across that country.

  1. Race Identity

Race is an identity that come from our biological ancestry and also shape our culture and social hierarchy since race is already exist even we not born yet. Since race is acquired from historical attempt. Just like in Indonesia race also shape our culture and conflict. Like example I have friends from Papua who came into Java island for study and he said to me that he have a difficult time to get a place to stay since Papuans race have negative reputations due to it dark history record of tribal war.

  1. Cyber Identity

Cyber Identity in my experience is mostly about our activities in social media especially in this globalization era where Internet become a things and everyone can access it from everywhere and you can posts about yourself in social media platform.

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