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Creative Advertising That Was Unthinkable

4 Desember 2020   00:00 Diperbarui: 4 Desember 2020   17:56 33 2

Advertising is a way to attract public attention in order to buy, consume, or use the products or services being sold. To get this attention is not easy. We have to think of creative ideas. Nowadays many people are more interested in unique and interesting things. With creativity, advertising can be unique and become more attractive. Creativity is the key to successful advertising, because it helps commercials last longer, and companies spend less on them.

One of the interesting and creative advertisements is the ad owned by the Coca Cola company. It's actually a campaign. However, they spread this campaign by advertising advertisements such as images that are already listed. They run an interesting campaign that features other people's names on their bottles. This campaign is called the "share a coke" campaign. This makes consumers interested in buying Coca Cola. In the advertisement, the company also adds that consumers can share cola with their friends. Apart from popular names, the Coca Cola company publishes a special website to give names that are not listed before. With the website, people whose names are less popular can include their names on the Coca Cola bottle. So that the company's income also increases.

This advertisement owned by the Coca Cola company has a creative dimension that was said by Robert Smith, an Indiana University researcher, that is originality, flexibility synthesis, and artistic value. Originality means that the ad is new or does not exist before. In this advertisement, there is originality, it can be seen that no one has ever used the concept of giving the consumer the name on the product packaging. Flexibility means that this ad can be accepted by everyone, so that it can reaches larger range of consumers. From the flexibility of this ad, it can reaches larger audience. Then synthesis is the connection of things that are unrelated to existing products or services. This commercial had a synthesis dimension, name of people are unrelated with coke, but the company was able to succeed with this concept. Furthermore, artistic value, that advertisement also has artistic value in it. In this advertisement there is also an attractive artistic value in terms of both visual and audio.