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Sabai Nan Aluih

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Long time ago in Padang Tarok, Sumatera Selatan, lived a married couple named Rajo Babanding and Sadun Saribai. They lived with one daughter named Sabai Nan Aluih and one son named Mangkutak Alam. Even though they were born and grew up in the same place, they had a different characteristic.

Mangkutak was lazy. Everyday he just played kits. On the other hand, Sabai was a beautiful and diligent girl. She always helped her mom. People liked Sabai because she was a diligent, kind, polite and beautiful.

Not only in her village, sabai was well-known in other village, Kampung Situjuh because of her beauty and characteristic. So one day, old man from Kampung Situjuh wanted to married Sabai Nan Aluih. His named is Rajo Nan Panjang, he was also sabai father best friend. He had three bodyguard named Rajo Nan Konkong, Lompong Bertuah, and Palimo Banda Dalam. They were a great bodyguard. Rajo Nan Panjang was rich, but he was cruel.

When he known that Sabai was a daughter of his bestfriend, soon he asked his bodyguard to propsed Sabai Nan Aluih. He was believe that her father agree with his proposed.

"My bodyguard, i ask you to went to Sabai house, and ask her father to married with me. I believe that Rajo Babanding agree with my propose" Soon his bodyguard went to Sabai house and explained to her father. But after Rajo Babanding listened that his best friend proposed his daughter, he said no. He didn't want to in-law with his best friend. And then the bodyguard came back to Kampung Situjuh and told Rajo Nan Panjang that Rajo Babanding didn't agreed with his proposed. So Rajo Nan Panjang got angry "How dare you refused my offered? Tomorrow, i will be came into your hose!"

The next day, Rajo Nan Panjanag came into Sabai house with his three bodyguard. He met Rajo Babanding. Rajo Babanding felt bad, he can't refused directly. And he offered something," why if we negotiated in Padang Panahunan?" and Rajo nan Panjang agreed. So, Raja Nan Panjang walked out from Sabai house.

Sabai told his father to didn't negotiated about it in the Padang Panahunan. Because this place usually used for fought. "Father, i knew you will be fought with Rajo Nan Panjang. Please didn't do that" Sabai begged to his father. But his father made sure that nothing will be happened.

In the night, Sabai Nan Aluih got bad dream. Barns rice was burned, her buffalos were stolen, and her chickens were strucked by thunder. She told her father about that and her father said " it wasn't a bad signed. Barns rice was burned meaned that we will be got a harvest, her buffalos were stolen meaned that she will be got a nwe buffalos, and about the chickens, meaned that Manukang will be married soon" after her father said that, Sabai tried to calm down.

In the next morning, Rajo Babanding and Rajo Nan Panjang met in the padang Panahunan. Rajo Babanding brought one bodyguard named Parimo Parang Tagok and Rajo Nan Panjang brought three bodyguard. Two bodyguard of Rajo Nan Panjang hide and he was just with one bodyguard. So they fought one by one. Rajo Babanding punch the stomach of Rajo Nan Panjang, and he dead. Soon two Rajo Nan Panjang Bodyguard helped him. One of them brought the gun. And then they fought again until one of Rajo nan Panjang bodyguard was dead, also Rajo Babanding bodyguard. So both of them fought again. When both they were fought, Rajo Nan Panjang gave a signed to his one bodyguard that sill hide, as soon as possible he shoot Rajo Babanding and he was dead. When it was happened, a shepherd saw Rajo Babanding was dead and ran into Sabai house, he told Sabai "your father was dead shoot by Rajo Nan Panjang Bodyguard" Soonn Sabai took her father gun and ran toward Padang Panahan and found that his father was dead "Hey Rajo Nan Panjang, you were so cruel. You murderer." Rajo Nan Panjang replied "You so beautiful when you were angry girl." Sabai was angry and immediately and the shooted Rajo Nan Panjang. Soon Rajo Nan Panjang was dead and his bodyguard run quickly.

From this story we can conclude that we have to be brave to defends a truth, and we cannot be a bad person with do everything that we want.