Australia and It's under Population

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Australia have a very large area (7,686,850 km2) but many of the areas are not being use fully, Australia could support a more higher population, this mean Australia is under populated.  

        Australia has fewer than 25 million people, meanwhile USA has land moreless as big as Australia and its population has over 300 million people.Examples under-populations has caused and probably will cause in Australia:

  • Shortage of workers which has led to lower optimum productivity.
  •  Conflicts caused in major cities such as Sydney by need to attract foreign workers.
  • Not possible to exploit all resources and large areas of outback undeveloped/underutilised.
  •  Less people paying tax. 43% of the labour force will be due to retire in next 20 years. Taxes will have to be raised to fund retirement.
  •  Schools and hospitals may close because there are not enough people to support them.
  • Public transport links might close because of less customers. It is unlikely that new transport systems will develop as there is not enough people to support them. This increases peoples reliance on cars.
  •  There may be less innovation and development.
  • Hard to defend country.

Australian government has tried increasing its population by attracting migrants from other countries. Such as Europe, India, China.

  • Exp : in 2015 research data shows that Gold Coast population is around    624,918 people


By: Jessica Regina 10