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"Credited to Frederick Putra Wijaya: Position Paper as France (Double Delegate) in UNSC JOINMUN 2017"

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"Credited to Frederick Putra Wijaya: Position Paper as France (Double Delegate) in UNSC JOINMUN 2017"
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This is position paper  as France in UNSC JOINMUN 2017 (Double Delegate) created by Frederick  Putra Wijaya (fred.vvjaya@gmail.com or erick_jonastic10@yahoo.com). Frederick Putra Wijaya together double delegate with Jeanne Francoise,  they are really appreciated by Markus Schwaiger from MUN Russia Far East.

France is one of the countries that played a key role in regard of this issue. We were once in control of the area, right after WWI, as a part of the League of Nations mandate for Syria. France left the position after the mandate was divided in 1946, leaving Syria as an independent state.[1] Since then, France Republic has always put our eyes on the Middle East. Not only until 2017, France had always been more fond of the Arab countries. But with the election of president Macron on 2017, France's policies towards this issue has changed, to focus not only on the war but to the people in the area itself. On his speech in the 75th anniversary of the Vel D'Hiv round-up, president Macron stated that he's against any kind of anti-semitism; including one of its neglected kind, anti-Zionism.[2] France is now standing in between both countries without bias, only with the concern of the construction of each countries. France regards this to be important as our democratic president believes that the status quo of a states border could support its construction. Therefore, both sides matter. 

As it is globally concerned by member states all over the world, multiple resolutions has been made during previous UNSC conferences, some resulting in condemnation of Israeli occupation. The first one being Security Council resolution 242 adopted in 1967 and one being prolonged several times is the A/HRC/RES/19/14 adopted in 2012, which doesn't include French support.[3]

France has always believed in a two-state solution as it promotes diplomacy. Historically, both nations had their occupancies on Golan; Jewish being before the time of Ottoman empire and Syria after the French mandate ended. Both sides have their rights to the land. Declaring it to just one either side would provokes further war between the two, now that Syrian government has military support of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.[4] France is also aware that the solution has been applied for so long without the consent of Syria as Israel governs most part of the height itself. Now that both sides have the confidence to strike each other, France believes it would be best for this council to deal with this matter with a whole new approach, in line with our main concern which is human rights of the civilians.

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[2] Emmanuel Macron says anti-Zionism is a new type of anti-Semitism

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