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What is A.I and How to Change World the Future

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Artificial Intelligence has evolved through various stages in last 70 years. At the advent of the computer, a great deal of work done neural networks from 1950's through 1970's. The eighties marked the beginning of machine learning which became quite popular. For another 30 years machine learning evolved and today at the end of the second decade of the millennium, A.I. is all about 'Deep Learning.' 

The personal assistants are the very first brushings of A.I. in our lives. With each passing day, we would experience a greater influence of A.I. in our daily lives. Although the there could be countless applications of A.I. in the future which would affect our lives countlessly, here are some of the amazing. 

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Elon Musk and Tesla have already become household names now and there is a lot of buzz going around driverless cars. A.I. would completely change the way we transport. Companies like Google and Tesla have invested a humongous amount of money and research in designing and rolling out prototypes of automated cars. 

We came a long way since the industrial revolution and today the technology has greatly evolved to tackle occupational hazards that were an integral part of certain jobs in the days of industrial revolution and the time that followed. Yet there are many jobs like bomb disposal which have fatal occupational hazards. Bomb disposal machines are already being developed, although these machines are not fully working robots, we would soon have humanoids for the dangerous task. 

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A.I. has grown many subset technologies in its ecosystem and one of those is the implantable technology. Implantable technology would make the modern-day prosthetics better as they would communicate with the brain directly providing more and better control to the amputees.

This is just the beginning of A.I. and whatever we have seen in the sci-fi movies till now would become a reality one day, till then we should be prepared to be awestruck by the day to day advancements of A.I.