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"To: Opop"

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*Now Playing -- Enzo -- Endless*.

Of all sentence in this earthly living, i've heard billions of words and line that i becomes so lost in time..., knowing nowhere i would be in the next windu (a Javanese calendrical reckoning). --- If i could turn back time as in my own privilege, i would definitely be called by the people as Barry Allen, that, would make me as the fastest man alive.

But how great it is, the echo of his life-chronicle. Sometimes, BA found himself just got trapped, in the Time Paradox, being hunted by the time remnant. Cannot do nothing, except hoping for a pray from a woman called Iris West Allen.  --- But i am no Barry Allen myself, not even a Hunter Zolomon with that creepy black suit.

So yeah, back to the sentence. Starting from the ones that belittling my poor, critical ass, into the grandest word that makes me leap like a fucking rocket. One, does ring a bell, and it precisely sounds like this, "Tezuka Biaaadabb."

"Opal si Tezuka Biadab... hahahaha,"

"Go-pal rang-ku-ti."

 or, "Na-vi jahbulon Rangkuti."

"Hehe, aku mah emang keren pal...".

I've heard, some God says that life is an Endless journey. Then let it be. --- Otherwise, I was about to say that one small, simple things that i will always remember in this fucking universe is that, you, the rightful owner of that voice above.

Is the coolest (cousin) girl i've ever met in my life. --- You are is a frosty, yet friendly wind that breeze in the continental of somebody's life. At the worsest point, that somebody's life, is my life. --- I remember back then in the elementary, i was selling the Pop Ice, some kind of an Ice Stick that the kids in my school, love it, yet they hate it so much. Because i'm a poor kid, because my dad is such a loser in his life-financial goals.

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