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Should Indonesia People Can Several Language

22 Maret 2020   16:47 Diperbarui: 22 Maret 2020   16:50 20 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Should Indonesia People Can Several Language
ilustration by rizal

Long time a go indonesia still was not independent because of indonesian is come by colonize as long as years, absouletelly indonesia has saved a memoriess , it's not only about war, attack or achievment to independent of indonesia. 

Unfortunetelly , indonesia was not make a special speak to devalopt a world like english speak or portugis. But all of that could solve within opened a course or special places to learn.
 Now , the people has been encreassing several spoke , it was not just english.

Asia language get an advance more difficult then english speak .

Indonesian should use english speak is not only to make a business, but to perform relationship international. Business

Educate, and special agenda goverment.

Latelly.. Indonesia is seen by several countries.

"how could indonesian couldn't international speak be better...  ".

Has been indonesian faced a many problems ,first indonesia people hard work, hard think to encrease the product it.

however in this new of globalitation indonesian has the name, famous and professionality. a several people has opened places to study  languages.

its not only just english,chinesse,korean,japanesse,french,germany and arabic.