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Enjoying Afternoon Tea at Bodas Coffee

18 Mei 2021   22:23 Diperbarui: 18 Mei 2021   22:34 69 2 1 Mohon Tunggu...

One of Bandung City's charm is its collection of cozy and aesthetic cafes. Today, I got to go and enjoy my afternoon at one of those cafes called Bodas Coffee and Dessert Bar. It is located in Talaga Bodas Street No.64 in the Lengkong District of Bandung City.

This place has a minimalist white interior. The second you walk in, you will be welcomed by this charming round arch and a display of assorted cakes and croissants. They also have a selection of main courses such as pasta or rice dishes, and snacks for those who are craving small bites. Unlike any other coffee house though, Bodas Coffee also serves cocktails and wine. 

Today, my friend and I ordered their signature beverage called Gangnam Latte along with a mocktail called Summer Breeze. Gangnam latte is the signature Bodas iced coffee blend made from coffee, milk, cream, and palm sugar. This drink is very creamy but the ice lightens it a little bit. As for Summer Breeze, it is a refreshing mocktail made from lemon and sour plum syrup. It is far removed from my expectations of the drink though, as I expect a more citrus taste, but turned out the sourness of the syrup is more dominant than the citrus lemon flavor.

We also ordered two of their assorted cakes named Saku-Saku and Medovick. Saku-saku contains alcohol and it's made from mocha genoise sponge, with mocha mousse and cashew nougat, whereas Medovick is a Russian honey cake with a tangy secret layer. I have to say though, I was slightly let down by their cakes. While they look scrumptious, they have a rather mediocre taste. They taste okay, but they don't have anything special either. You could taste the rum in the Saku-saku cake, and the nougat adds a nice sweetness and crunch. In addition, the tangy secret layer in the Medovick cake comes from the cream cheese and lemon, but they are somewhat overpowering that we could not really taste the honey at all. 

Overall, I had a great time at Bodas Coffee and Dessert Bar. Although the cakes were a letdown, I really enjoyed their Gangnam Latte. Their neat and simple interior made the cafe looks effortlessly aesthetic. The minimalist interior also feeds into the calm ambiance that Bodas Coffee exudes, making it a perfect place to have a cozy and relaxing time, either when you're hanging out with your friends, or when you're in need of a personal escape.

(Left-Right) Saku-Saku, Gangnam Latte, Summer Breeze, Medovick