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Eating Bakso at Once Bowl

8 Oktober 2018   22:02 Diperbarui: 8 Oktober 2018   22:10 0 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

As we know together, we can see there are many variant shape, taste of Bakso which has been popular on the society, one of that that is Bowl Bakso.  Bowl Bakso is Bakso that the bowl made by matter of meatball and formed like bowl. The measure is big until it closed a half of the real of bowl. Inside it there are some small meatball, tofu, and ingested meat . It served on the flat plate. The gravy is not only  serve on the bowl bakso that can be eaten, the seller also serve on the different bowl.

Bakso which has address at Umbulsari is one of Bakso that has been famous around South Jember. Hartono as the owner Bakso stall tell me that some of his costumer coming from  out of Umbulsari, like; balung, karang duren, paleren, wringin telu, puger, jambearum, kasian, and so on. 

He also told me that actually he not really confident to start selling bakso with the bawl bakso as the prime menu. It is caused by there are many street food all along balung till ambulu which sold Bakso beranak, bakso granat and also bowl bakso. But then it was not  hold out for the long time. But, after hartono trying to make bowl bakso with his wife with the some repetation, his wife support and make it sure to continue bowl bakso as prime menu. Three years ago, hartono ever becoming seller of bakso on street food, but is was not long time.With the bowl bakso hartono begin activity wich has been done three years ago.

One of the costumer Rizal is ordering bowl bakso with his causing that also Bakso lover. " This bowl bakso is different with others, that I most like from this bakso is ingested meat  that's really deliciously oily." Said rizal while pour chille in the bowl. Bowl Bakso has price Rp.13.000,00. If you want to add the meatball, you can directly ask to the cooker.