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Red Ants and Pigeons

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Red Ants and Pigeons
One summer day in a forest, there lived a red ant that was walking to look for clear and fresh river water to drink, not long after look for every place the red ant find a river with very clear and fresh water on the edge of the forest, near the river there is a pigeon enjoying corn in a very fertile field.
Without thinking, the red ant directly approached the river through the grass leaves on the edge of the river, when the red ant was enjoying the river water at the tip of the grass leaves, suddenly came a strong storm the red ant was not strong enough to withstand the  strong storm until the red ant fell into the river, "Please .... !!! Help me, I can't swim ... !!! Help me....!!!".  said the red ant with panicked tone.
The pigeon near the river heard the sound of the red ant asking for help, the pigeon immediately approached the red ant, "Oh no ...! wait a minute I will look for something to help you ".  Said pigeon to the red ant,  after that the pigeon found a tree rating and immediately approached the red ant to help him, "Thank you, bird, you saved my life, I will not forget what you did to me". Said the red ant to the pigeon,  after help the red ant the pigeon left the red ant there was a hunter who was eyeing the pigeon.
 The hunter pointed his arrow right at the pigeon, the red ant who knew that immediately shouted. "Watch out birds ...! there are hunters ...! save your life ...! " The dove did not hear the cry of the red ant because he was enjoying the atmosphere in the rambutan tree, finally the red ant decided to approach the hunter and immediately bit his big foot, "Arrgghh .....! oh no....! noooo ... my foots ...! " The pigeon who heard the hunter's cry immediately flew far away from the rambutan tree, and the hunter immediately ran away in pain.