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2 Video Editing Application on Android

22 April 2020   05:11 Diperbarui: 22 April 2020   07:19 26 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Video Editing Application on Android - Hello, no matter where you are right now. One of the activities that may or may not have been touched by a generation of teens in the 80s is the Android video editing application. Honestly, where the platform has not been found that year.

Talking about video editing applications, especially on Android, of course if we go to the Play Store we will find lots of choices. Starting from the intermediate level application, until the application level of nuts.

But in accordance with our title, the list of applications that we will convey the following is the best application in its ranks for video editing. So, to find out more, refer to our material below.

2 Video editing application on Android
1. YouCut - No Watermark Video Editor
The best video editing application on Android the first position on our list this time is YouCut. Based on the author's experience in using this application, YouCut is indeed quite reliable in supporting us in editing videos. Obviously, this free application has a myriad of features that make it easy for us to process videos.

Starting from the video cutter feature, add video, insert audio, add text, add images, add stickers, adjust video speed, adjust audio speed, filters, add slide show effects, without watermarks, and much more. This myriad of features makes YouCut put in the first list as a recommendation for the best video editing application on Android.

2. Kinemaster - video editor, video maker
Video editing application on Android The second position in our list is kinemaster. For those of you who work as YouTuber, of course this application is already familiar. The popularity of the kinemaster application as one of the video editor applications is no doubt. See, if we open the Android Play Store we will find that this kinemaster application has been reviewed by up to 2 million users, with a rating rating of 4.5.

Actually the name kinemaster is certainly not a mere figment, or the results of a fake review. We can prove that there are many features that support someone to be able to produce good videos. Some of these features include adding and combining videos, adding stickers, images, text, effects, adjusting the brightness of the light, adding audio, filters, sound effects, keyframe animations, and other features.

This application is free, only if you want to enjoy more other features you can try their paid applications. Of course, the performance between the free kinemaster application and the premium application is quitet sriking.

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