Review "The Jarkoni Movie" IAIN Surakarta

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Review "The Jarkoni Movie" IAIN Surakarta
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The Jarkoni is an advice movie with a little bit humor there. It produces by Diamond Picture. The director is A. Falih, an English Department student in IAIN Surakarta. Falih as a director takes the characters from his friends. This movie is one of the Fairy Sale V products in FITK (Islamic Education and Teachers Training Faculty) of IAIN Surakarta.

The story of this movie is talk about the teacher who teaches a senior high school, his name is Jarkoni. Jarkoni is a new teacher in a private senior high school in Surakarta. In short, he moves from that school because there is an accident that happens to him. He moves from a private senior high school in Surakarta into a state senior high school in a village. Jarkoni becomes a professional teacher there, he learns from his mistakes before. In the end of the story, Jarkoni married with Mrs.Aisyah, one of the woman teacher there and becomes a headmaster there.

From that story we know that the plot of the story is talk about the teacher's journey. Of course, it appropriates with their major, English Department. Although, it does not show that this movie is totally perfect. There are some parts that make the viewers feel bored and miss that part. Their strategy to deliver the message and their techniques to make a movie looks perfect is less perfect. After we watched this movie, we analyzed some parts of this movie that miss and reviewed this movie well.

It starts from the characters. The Jarkoni movie has many characters there. This is the list of the characters in The Jarkoni's movie:

1.M. Sidik. P as Mr.Jarkoni

2.Ony. D as Sardi

3.Apriliana as Mrs. Aisyah

4.Aqilah as Paijah

5.Arung. P as Ninuk

6.Ratih. A as Sari

7.Fitriani as Sardi's Mom

8.Ichwan. F as Mr.Bambang

9.Gufron. A as Agus

10.Aqiq. A as Mrs. Siti

11.Aulia as Mrs. Endang

12.Riwayanti as Mrs. Shinta

13.Ike. D as Headmaster

14.N. Rohmad as Headmaster

15.Bunga. N as

16.Agung. W as Village Chief

17.Hanip. M as GOJEK

18.Wuri as Canteen Madam

19.Hanifah as Master of Ceremony

20.Risa. P as Hudges

21.Nisa as Mechanic

That's the name of all of the characters in The Jarkoni movie. After we know about the characters, now we move at the way the characters act or we can call it acting. The performance of the characters of The Jarkoni movie is different from one character into other characters. It means that the character's ability to acting is literally different. The main character, Mr. Jarkoni, his performance is good enough, but his pronunciation is less. Another case is Mrs. Endang, her performance is good and also his pronunciation is perfect, although she is only as an extra character on this movie.

In this movie, we found there are some characters that look at the camera when they do their performance. So, it makes the feel of the movie is not good enough. Some character's body language does not show their characteristic on this movie. Moreover, the main point is not only the acting or the character's performance, but also costuming and make up. If the costuming and make up appropriate with the role that the characters bring, it makes their performance perfect and looks like a real not a movie. In this movie, costuming and make up have no problem at all. The characters use the costume as same as their role that they bring.

Now, we move to the setting area. In this movie the setting area are school, home, and the village. For the setting area, there is no problem there, but in this movie we found some constraints that make the movie becomes bad. First, the cinematography on this movie, we found some constraints there. When we are watching this movie, the big problem is in the lighting. In this movie, when the setting area is in the outdoor, it is like on the street, the lighting on this movie is too bright. So, it makes the character does not seem clearly. It becomes a big problem, and we found it in every single part of this movie, especially in outdoor area. Also, when the setting area is indoor, the lighting is too dark. For example, when the scene is in a classroom, the lighting is too dark.

The second is music and background. For music and background we found the part that should give a background music, but in this movie we can't find it. The other case is when the movie is playing, but there is no background music, the sound of this movie is disturbing the viewer. Especially, when the setting area is in the classroom, the sound of the students is too noisy. In the Jarkoni movie, the noisy part means the quality of the sound is not clearly, so the viewer disturbed with that sound and they can't enjoy this movie well.

The next part is the subtitle of this movie. Before we talk about the subtitle, now we try to look at the writing part of this movie. The director's script is literally good enough. He can filter their characters on the casting part well. It knows from the way characters bring their performance as professional as well. From the dialogue, although there are some parts of this movie that miss, but almost all of the dialogue deliver the message. Also, the characterization of the characters is an appropriate as the plot of the story.

The ending of this story is unexpected, The Jarkoni movie success to make a happy ending. First, we expect that the movie will talk about the teacher who is jarkoni. Jarkoni here means ngajar ora dilakoni in java culture, it seems like someone who teaches something to other, but he or she does not treat his/her self as same as the advice that he/she teaches. In The Jarkoni movie, the message of this movie is can deliver well, and surprises the viewer in the end of the story.

The viewers can understand the message by look at the subtitle on this movie. The subtitle shows the dialogue of the characters play. Unfortunately, we found any parts that the subtitle does not available in the dialogue. Also, we found more than 3 lines in the subtitle. It disturbs the viewers, it means that the subtitle does not care about the standard of subtitling in this movie. Meanwhile, the duration of the subtitle is unstable. Sometimes is going to be fast, but sometimes is too long. It found in the opening of this movie, when this movie introduces the name of the characters, the subtitle is too fast. So, literally it disturbs the viewers.

That's the review from us. I hope it can help you to add the information about The Jarkoni movie. It recommended you, especially who interesting with the education and an advice movie.

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