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My Opinion About Online Learning

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My Opinion About What Actually Is Online Learning (unsplash/annie spratt)

What is online learning? Online learning is when we take courses online instead of in normal classroom. If our schedule make it's hard to attend the class, if we prefer to do the learn thing at our own place or if the Campus is too far from our place based on our situation right now. 

It's impossible to do the traditional or normal way of learning such as  going to school or college doing offline  assignments, midterm test, final test etc. Due to this pandemic situation whether we want it or not we have to do online learning.

However, after this pandemic is over, online learning can still be effectively done by the lecturers. Such as, variety of program, improve technical skill, and more comfortable learning environment.

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First. The variety of programs that we can get through online learning, we can get a lot of knowledge besides our regular courses. Digital scrapbooking, Sketch Master, how to write a novel, Get a job offer in 30 days, the things like this. 

Maybe just a few opportunities  or even we can't get this at all if we attend the regular class. However if we do the online learning, we might get a disturbance from our social media  such as, instagram, twitter, youtube etc. but still we can get to know several things that we didn't know before. 

Actually I agree about the disturbance that can we get through the online learning but in this situation we can't go anywhere except for the emergency situation and the online learning is the only option that we have for now.

Second.  Another advantage of online learning is improve our technical skill it means that the students learn within their online courses, including creating and sharing documents, combining audio or video materials into assignments, completing online test, etc. 

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However, not all the people who have to do the online learning have the proper equipment for example, if we have to do the a video assignment but their phone didn't supported with a good quality of camera and also the laptop where we usually do the editing for the video. 

Still trough the online learning we can improve our skill. Such as installing and using several apps that never been use before , if there is a problem with the internet connection during the class we know how to solve the problem as soon as possible, etc. 

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