Accounting for Import and Export

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Accounting is the system recording financial transactions and presenting the information in various reports and analysis. It aims to prepare an accurate financial statement to be utilized by managers, policymakers, and other interested parties, such as shareholder, creditor, and owner. 

Usually, accounting is understood as the Language of Financial Decisions. Many aspects of our living are based on accounting, like personal financial planning, export, and import, investments, income-tax, loans, customs duty, etc. This essay specifically focuses on export and import, how these two activities require accounting.

Generally, in business contracts, there is always a clause on payment procedures.(Ekananda, n.d.) Payment is one of the most important things that must be done by participants. On the other hand, payment is a right that must be obtained under the contract. In international business contracts, clarity, and security aspects of payment are becoming more important for the parties involved in contracts. 

For example in import-export transactions, the choice of advance payment will make it easy for the exporter, because the buyer (importer) must first make payment before the goods are shipped by the seller (exporter). This is why import and export require accounting in the data collection.

In export and import, accounting is required to record income statement and financial statement. (Susanto, 2001) Income statement exists because of the occurrence of profits and losses due to changes in exchange rates in international trade. The financial statements are the end result of the process of recording, classifying, summarizing, and summarizing the financial data (accounting process). In addition, accounting is also required to record the burden or income of exports and imports that occur, etc. 

When using accounting, we should pay attention to the applicable Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (PSAK). PSAK is the rule of presenting the report in accounting created by IAI (Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia). So, export and import  desperately need accounting in their reporting.

Thus, accounting is indispensable in the export of imports to record income statements, expenses incurred, income, capital, and others. So when we love to have a job at export and import company we need to know accounting first.


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