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"American Psycho" (2000), Twisted Mind or Twisted Reality?

10 Oktober 2018   09:53 Diperbarui: 10 Oktober 2018   09:56 0 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
"American Psycho" (2000), Twisted Mind or Twisted Reality?

Really, I have no high expectation for this movie when I watched it and just go for it because it was Christian Bale playing Bateman before Batman (get it? Such bad joke). I found myself surprised at the interesting plot twist and intense moment the movie managed to portray even under normal conversation in the office.

American Psycho tells the story of seemingly perfect young man named Patrick bateman played by Christian Bale. He seems like the perfect young man, which have his life managed, but seems to have controlling tendencies, perfectionist to the extreme and can look like a freak at times.

I think the story exert the tale of control over one self and hidden story every people have behind their faade to "fit in" in life. I personally hate the affair thing, but they are all jackass and rude in their own way. They love to compete over simplest thing in the office from clothing, reservation at dorsia, Work performance even business card.

Patrick Bateman seems disconnected from people, and seems like a sore loser. Overly competitive and killing he deemed unworthy without batting an eye or anyone he felt threatening to his presence. Such as a hobo, and Allen Paul. He wanted to be different and be special in a sea of people with similar attributes and quality in this world. However, he did it by becoming a psychopathic killer.
The story really takes a nice turn when his killing tendencies are started to be unraveled by the appearance of Detective Donald Kimball played by William Dafoe who have been hired to investigate the disappearance of Paul Allen. 

Patrick felt his reality threatened and become more and more unstable with time. Thus, he cannot accept to continue his usual life and killing habit. Moreover, in the end it is questionable whether he is mental that cannot accept reality or he now accept that he is living in a twisted reality with lack of empathy within the people.

 There are so much things to learn from the movies, and I believe I understand the mind of people better, and how our society are shaped and how twisted it can be. A fun twisted and confusing ride from start to finish. I rate it 8/10.