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Epistymology Object

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Derived from the Greek ' episteme ' means knowledge whereas ' logos ' is science, Epistimology one of the objects of the study of philosophy.

This theory of knowledge is then used to learn about rational thinking structures, empirical and positivity.

There are three methods of study epistimology:


1.) EMPIRICAL: A way, which is done or that can be researched by humans through the human senses, so that the way can also be known and examined by others. For example: When we are studying history, and in the material listed Empirical information, meaning the fact of the history is based on the true story that actually happened.

2.) RATIONALISM: A method of philosophy that puts emphasis on human thinking as the ultimate truth. For example: When we learn mathematical logic, the math discoveries are so certain. We don't just see it as true But also the truth that cannot be wrong.

3. POSITIVISM: A method that proclaims natural sciences as the only true source of knowledge. For example: Someone was cutting down a tree in the winter, and brought it home, we observed it then argued that the person wanted to Make it as a table, but it could be that person makes it as fireood.