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Movie Review, "Five Feet Apart"

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Hello movie lovers! For you all who are interesting with romance and dramatic story, Five Feet Apart was released for ya! ^^

Five Feet Apart was released in March 11, 2019 directed by Justin Baldoni and written by Mikki Daughtry, and Tobias Laconis. This movie is both beautiful and hopeful, problematic and also tragic particularly for teenagers viewers. This movie clearly was designed with the intention of a PG-13 rating and demographic of teenagers, and I think nothing wrong with PG-13 rating.

This movie starring by Haley Lu Richardson as Stella and Cole Sprouse as Will. This movie tells about Stella, who since she was little girl she has roamed the halls and visited countless rooms in St. Grace Regional Hospital. She was born with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disorder, and she is biding her time waiting for lung transplant. 

One day, a young man namely Will comes to Stella. He has Fystic fibrosis who is also a patient for an experiment using one of the drugs to cure the disease. From there the beginning of Will and Stella's relationship that slowly close to make them fall in love each other. 

Unfortunately, these Cystic Fibrosis sufferers shouldn't be close to each other, they must be 5 feet apart because coughing and sneezing will make them worse. Uhh it saddening to see they can't life together. Because Will wanna see Stella can life forever even without him.

The visualization and the sound effect is good enough. The soundtrack also makes me cry.  Like other romantics drama, this movie emphasizes the strength of the story and main character. The music that directed by Brian Tyler and Breton Vivian creating a warm and close atmosphere between characters. It's damn good!

Well, this story is rare this one is really I like from the movie. It really show us how hard we far away from people that we love. The cinematography by Frank G. DeMarco was  pretty good. Haley Lu Richardson isn't a teenager who often shows in Hollywood movie, but that doesn't  mean her acting is bad, it REALLYYY GOOD. 

I do love with his acting, I crying when she crying, but it doesn't mean I'm weak it since the acting is really makes me touching. Likewise with Cole Sprouse who be able to act as cool and romantic guy. AAAA really like it! Both are fitting to describe the lovebirds of underage Americans.

If you watching this movie, you can see the acting through the expression, body language, and gesture of the actress or actor you can see clearly the chemistry. I will gibe 10 thumbs for their acting. Oh my Godness, they really cool.

This movie teaches us a lot about the value of life. We should be grateful with everything that has God given to us. Because no one knows when God will take it back. This movie also teaches us about loving each other. 

This movie prioritize the power of a hope and love. A hope for life and love from deepest heart can make them enjoy the life. So, just be grateful and we'll be happy. 

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