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Hello. Welcome to my blog. A little bit about me: I live in Indonesia. I have been working in education sectors (secondary and tertiary levels), management, training, as well as humanitarian works. I was particularly building my career as a counselor and a therapy practitioner, and also would like to pursue my specialisation in the field of Special Needs Education in the near future. I like reading, writing, volunteering works and learning new things. That's why I'm keen to consider myself as a lifelong learner.




Take a Moment to Contemplate

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Take a Moment to Contemplate
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We, perhaps, wonder why we often come across some tough problems and why there are some issues in our lives that seemingly they could not be solved, let alone it could be running for such a long time without any hope to resolve them. Yet sometimes we can't understand them at all. 

There are possibly many things in life that we are not able to figure out. We probably may say that life is a mystery. Thus, those things could inevitably drive us crazy and we might "feel blank" from time to time; "what was going on with me"? In other words, we do not know what to do anymore, and how to deal with it.

Having said so, the effects might be considerably critical. At the early stages, it may bring us feeling so lonely and worried, as well as followed by feeling stressed out excessively. And the worst of it, we could suffer from continually depression, or even it may lead us to a decision to commit suicide! What is to say? 

Indeed, because it is dealing with a human being, it would not be easy as a piece of cake. But remember, never put off to fix these matters as soon as possible because the small problems could become bigger problems as time goes on, which we often could not be able to cope with them after all.

Here is the thing that might be of help: The first and foremost key in order to understand and to recognise our life, and how to take in hand our problems, as well as to take control our lives subsequently is that as humans, always ask what's exactly THE PURPOSE WE WERE BORN IN THIS LIFE; why do we exist in this world? 

I guess we already know the answers. If not, we could sit and take our time to reflect so that we would truly have a clear insight of our core obligation in this life.

Hopefully, this could eventually make us feel relief and regain our strengths again to live the life contentedly and gratefully.*