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Easy but Effective : Tips Healthy Diet Just 10 Days

12 Januari 2019   01:51 Diperbarui: 12 Januari 2019   01:57 0 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

How to lose weight is not only limited to get the slim body ideal, but also about health. Due to being overweight or obese can trigger the onset of a wide range of dangerous diseases like heart attacks, diabetes type two, high blood pressure, gout, high cholesterol and a range of other diseases. Therefore, it is very important the body, maintaining health with scrape fat that accumulates and the bonus is that the body leans. This article was written by a (women's labor) named Rania Putri and appreciated to all women who want to have a proportionate body depends on how to lead a healthy diet program that I lived for half of this month. Have an ideal and proportional body is yearning every woman especially of my own who have experienced weight gain that sort of abnormal from 48 kg to 70kg really made me think hard how can I make my body back as they are or at least somewhat reduced, because besides making me lack confidence also is not good for my own health. Finally I am looking for a variety of health information and the ways a healthy diet as a reference for I start the diet program. As well as establish a relationship in any diet program must have the commitment and the achievement of the targets that we managed to lose weight is to be expected and the time we specify. The purpose and intent of our diet to lose weight is to maintain the health of the body and the body lean is a bonus. The first step I do is reply

  1. Warm white water and fruit diet already believed many people can lose weight without exercise origin consumed with fruit, warm water, lemon and performed regularly in the period of more than 3 days to a week. But according to me better periodical only decrease her weight because if done in a short time can also be dangerous. Benefits white water has been proven by health experts to be able to keep the sugar levels in the blood and also able to withstand the increasing weight dramatically. So if you want a diet with plain water then it is preferably done correctly and regularly because it is so influential with the results you get.
  2. With rice during the day, if you have heavy activity and stamina of the body weight of the worker to note too, by consuming rice and vegetables could also side dishes with a sufficient portion can be done when the diet programs as long as before eating always choose drinking plain water then stop eating before fullness and cover with fruit as well as intake of nutrition and vitamins to the body.
  3. Eliminate the habit of eating at night, because in fact, it is not wrong to consume food at night. The real reason is to not eat within 4 hours before bed. In other words, you should sleep with the stomach empty. Because it takes approximately 4 hours to digest food, then give a pause time of 4 hours from the time you eat until bedtime. Why is this so? The answer is because during sleep, the body secretes growth hormone 30 minutes after you sleep. This hormone is also produced when you exercise. This is a hormone that plays a role in the growth and serves to break up the fat. The term so that growth hormone can come out perfectly is the stomach must be empty. If growth hormone out at the time of sleep, then the decomposition of fat will increase and the body was in a State ready to burn fat. The result of the body will easily become slim.    This process is known as catabolism. Growth hormone will be more and more is produced if the body temperature in warm State. How that can be done in order to achieve such a condition is to do muscle exercises for 5 minutes then dip or bathe with warm water-temperature 41 degrees before going to bed. But otherwise, if you get used to eating before bed then the opposite will happen if you sleep with the food-filled stomach. If you sleep in this condition, then the growth hormone does not come out so that no process of fat breakdown. Instead, there are foods that will be covered in fat. As a result, will make the body into fat. This process is known as anabolism.
  4. Consumption of juice and fruit, another way is to consume juice or eat fruit at night. The process required to digest the juice is not over when you eat other foods containing carbohydrates or foods that contain fat. If dinner with regular menu takes 4 hours to empty the stomach digestive juice or fruit only needed 2 hours to empty stomach. So you can sleep more quickly.
  5. A balanced Sports, sports the most effective way to lose weight is a cardio workout. In addition to weight loss, cardio exercises can also shrink the belly. You can do cardio exercises such as jogging, cycling or swimming. But if the weather does not allow for jogging outside the House, then you can do sports in the room.
  6. Adequate rest, avoid staying out and get enough sleep at least 8 hours each day. This can make the production of hormones stay balanced, so any appetite could be controlled very well. It also restores the body fitness and repairing muscle after we exercise period.

Such tips and tricks to lose weight it's made as I've done and apply the most effective proven myself and now my weight 53 kg with a height of 162 cm and 17 kg of fat that is eroded from the wombs of 70 kg, no instant way to lose weight, all require the process. Do the above steps on a regular basis until you reach your target weight you want.