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Parents Forbid The Use of Cellphone to Students

28 Oktober 2021   19:02 Diperbarui: 28 Oktober 2021   19:20 57 2 0
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In this increasingly modern era, it is not uncommon to find many students who can operate cell phones from elementary, middle and high school students. One of which is for the learning process. 

Many parents think that the use of cellphones causes a bad impact on students. Based on this, it is true that cellphones can cause a bad impact on students, but in my opinion without us realizing it everything have a negative, positive impact and have benefits for everyone including the use of cellphones for students and regarding cellphones. Like it or not, everyone definitely needs technology like cellphone because technology will always be related to humans.

Many parents say that cellphones have a bad impact on students because of changes in student behavior before they know cellphones and after they know it. 

Students are getting lazy, addicted to playing cellphones, playing online games and experiencing visual disturbances. This impact has been experienced by most students, where it makes parents worry and have a bad perception of the use of cellphones in them. Most parents only see the negative impact without paying attention to the benefits. 

We already know that in the current pandemic era, cellphones are needed by students to support the distance learning process. Without us realizing it, conditions force every student and teacher to be familiar with technology (cellphones), it shows the importance of cellphones for students.

Based on the data from Ericsson's Consumer Lab, apart from being a communication tool, mobile phones have other functions, where there are six functions of mobile phones in society. 

Cellphones that used to only function as a communication tool, now also have other functions, namely as a communication tool to stay connected with friends or family, a symbol of social class, business support, changing social boundaries of society, stress relief tool, and as a media in student learning. In addition, with smart feature in the form of the internet, students can find any information easily. 

This is certainly very easy for students to absorb the subject matter. Based on these data, it has shown the importance of cellphones for society, especially students. 

To respond to parents' bad perceptions or views of cellphones, in my opinion apart from seeing the negative impacts, parents must also see the positive impacts and benefits that cellphone provides to students.

 I also think this bad impact can also be avoided by increasing parental awareness to be more vigilant when students use cellphones, for example always paying attention to student class schedules when studying online, making a schedule for using cellphones for students, so that students don't get addicted to using cellphones and always monitoring and paying attention with them when they are using their cellphones.

Based on the explanation of these benefits, I hope parents will understand and reduce excessive anxiety. I think an increased understanding of the benefits of cellphones for students is needed by parents so that, parents not only see from the side of the negative impact but also realize the benefits and importance of using cellphones by students.

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