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Religious Pluralism in the United States Finding Strength in Diversity

21 Februari 2020   01:50 Diperbarui: 21 Februari 2020   02:22 11 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

The United States is the second largest democracy in the world, which has the motto "unity in diversity". In article 18 of the universal declaration of human rights: "everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and diversity", and in the first amendment to the United States constitution "the congress will not make laws relating to the establishment of religion, or prohibit the exercise of religious freedom. ... ". 

This shows that the United States strongly upholds religious freedom. Many religions in the United States of America with the majority of the United States community are Christians who are coupled with other religions including Islam. And the majority of Muslims in the United States are immigrants or migrants from other countries.

The ideology of the communist party against religion, is inviting every member of the communist party to denounce religion as a false belief system and a form of ignorance. The Communists regard religion as dogmas that will slow down every human step. 

Every member of the communist party is required to fight against all forms of belief. All orders and leaders of the Soviet Union are communist party people. 

The Soviet Union was a country that adopted communist ideology and became the largest communist country in the world at that time. The unpleasant treatment carried out by Communist party people in the Soviet Union was to do various kinds of damage to places of worship both mosques and churches. They are not reluctant to expel or deport people who practice religious practices in Serbia or fallen districts.

Indonesia as one of the countries with the largest number of Muslim communities in the world has an extraordinary role in achieving religious freedom in the Soviet Union. In 1956 at the request of the first Indonesian president, Ir. Soekarno asked the Soviet Union government to reopen the Saint Petersburg Mosque after years of being closed since 1940. 

In addition, President Soekarno asked to pray at the tomb of Imam Bukhori in Samarkand, which had been removed and postponed, to support Soekarno's request to release Imam Bukhari's grave quickly so that Sukarno could be visited.

Returning to the United States, religion is a necessity for most Americans in the United States. There are about 75% of the population of the United States are religious people. 

In the United States there are around 3000 religious groups with a distribution of 70.6% of the population of the United States are Christians and 5.9% of the rest are religious people outside of Christianity. There are around 0.9% of 5.9% are Muslims. In the United States it is true that it holds the principles of religious freedom. Thomas jeffersen, one of the founding fathers of the United States who had a copy of the Qur'an, during a campaign for diverse freedoms in virginia, he demanded the recognition of the rights of Islamic religion. The majority of Muslims in the United States, who make up 58% of the total number of Muslims, come from outside America. They deliberately came to America to seek protection and freedom to religion without having to fear threats. PEW predicts that by 2040 Islam will become the second largest religion after Christianity in America.

According to the public religious research institute, there are about 3% of the population of New York City that is Muslim. On the day of the first Islamic celebrations carried out in 1985 by parading, asking for a platform to unite Muslims in the country's political process, so that the voice of Islamic society can be heard in the political arena of the United States. In addition, many mosques and Islamic cultural centers have been built in various Muslim areas, and there is even the first Islamic boarding school in the United States that was built by Indonesian Muslims named Imam Shamsi Ali. He has also been interviewed in black and white events in tuju trans. And now Imam Shamsi Ali has become one of the spreaders of Islam in the United States.

Even in public life the United States has great respect for the activities of Muslims for worship. Even the United States constitution requires the court not to strike a balance between one religion and another without having to support other religions and not restricting religious freedom. In the world of education, the United States also gives freedom to every Muslim to choose the school he wants his children to go to school in both public and private Islamic schools. In addition, in the United States there are groups of Muslim students who are given the freedom to conduct joint activities during the month of Ramadan. Even religious harmony can also be seen when they work together to rise from the disaster they have received The harmony between faiths in America is indeed very inspiring to all countries that there should be no restrictions on religious matters. Even for Indonesia, the majority are Muslims.