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Webinar Narrator 101 Review

17 Januari 2019   12:38 Diperbarui: 17 Januari 2019   12:40 206 0 1 Mohon Tunggu...

Hi, this is Tyaseta from Indonesia, this is my review about narrator 101 webminar, today, 3 am, west Indonesia time.
This webminar is first webminar.
Turning on narrator with ctrl+windows+alt. we will hear narrator dialogue. Latest relaease for Narrator is October.
New relaease being ergonomic, neumonic. Keyboard dialogue called keyboard Quick start, navigate internet.
Keyboard dialogue there is check box.
One important is something call
How to get narrators setting with ctrl+windows+n we will hear
Down arrow for heading, Microsoft david, to change press space, down arrow, choose the voice
Costumers is easier to use,
Keyboard layout, pressing h, down arrow, here we are at keyboard layout,
Caps lock key
You can use one of them
Combo box, down arrow
Back into standard key, just insert or caps lock. Invoke
Narrator key+1. Narrator k is window title
Page up
Page down
Right arrow

O next line
K current word
L next word

Skin mode within application,
This is new feature
Narrator  type Braille
Narrator's guide
Alt down arrow table capter one
Enter on the link
Navigate headings
New feat Seeing ai app by heading, navigate  one. Ctrl d.
Alt tab for male window, navigate with pressing down arrow.
Scan mode to read email as well.
Ctrl r to reply email.
We a lot plan for this year
#accessibility webminar
not has Braille change
can I use party voice? Yes
narrator 2
we can turn on with corona, corona is like siri at iphone
can narrator read Braille in drf file? Yes, it'll read
narrator support Braille, yes
keystore is work online? Turn online
next webminar is windows 10
note : sorry, that I can catch is only this, actually, I was record it at my android for rewind all which I missed, buuut, I tried to move it into my netbook, I can't open it, and when I tried to move it into my android, I can't open it, it say, "Sorry, this video cannot be played!" ok button.