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The Influence of Hoax Information about Covid-19 Against Public Mental Health

13 Agustus 2020   19:25 Diperbarui: 13 Agustus 2020   22:09 76 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Indonesia is one of many countries that affected  to covid-19 pandemic,In this situation the public still could to acces the information about health issues through online media or printed media easily.But, some of that information possibility invalid or sourced from the unactual fact.How if the information that received by public is hoax? It will impact to public mental health.

This hoax information related to public character and public mindset,whom put their desire to up-to-date first about getting  information.Public tend to justify the information sourced from someone or figure that they support said the information is hoax if it against their minds.

The public's treat about this hoax information determine how this will spreading widely.When receiving hoax information some people respond it positively and some of them respond it negatively,massive hoax  spreading  possibility caused the deseases that public suffering in this covid-19 nowadays. Or public fear of miss something in this news trend that encouraging public to respond the spreaded news easily.

Influence of hoax information about Covid-19 against public can be an anxiety,depression,and hatred with longterm effect.

Here are some tips to avoid hoax information:

1.  Don't believe in internet information easily
2. Check about information source
3. Check about the picture is added to the information is not false
4. Not using provocating wordsNot containing political interest
5. Reading whole of information
6. Visit the location if possible
7. Ask to Covid-19 handlers team directly
8. Even it's a worth it information,do not  sharing before checking the validation

To against hoax information about covid-19 and maintaining our mental health,me as this article writer encouraging all this article readers to respond every information wisely.

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