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TM-NEC | Zonation System

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TM-NEC | Zonation System

Zonation systen ia a rule that requires student to continue school in arround radius of domicile. The radius is calculate from the distance distric office to the school.

Zonation system nit stressed with the candidate student score, however with distance traveled go to school.

Problem that arise from each region is complain about region that do not have public school, exactly in village region, there is just a private school.

The weakness from this rule is kemendikbud lack of control in each region to implemented this system, so that many region have not implemented a zonation system. Because if we want implement a zonation system we need enough control , so we are able to implement it, of course to facilities and professional educators.

Zonation system just benefit  for students who have nearby radius, not to who have far radius from the school. The causes make a smart students complain and pesimistic for continue study in dream school.

All problems describe about the weakness in every to implement system by kemendikbud. This system suitable just for elementary school and junior high school not to senior high scholl. Because senior high school can differentiate between good and bad. While for elementary school and junior high school need guide about caracter education from the parents and teachers with the closest radius to be controlled.

For the system has been implemented kemendikbud be able to provide services to school same the criteria of the national education system.

In fact, education in indonesia i still lacking for facilitas that students got.  The attention of parents and students saw how well the school start from service and teaching system obtained.

Karya : Faizul Muna