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The Positive Effects of Internet for Education

28 Mei 2019   12:33 Diperbarui: 28 Mei 2019   12:51 3132 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

     Internet brings many benefits for education. Internet is one of the technology expansion products. In the era of 4.0 industry, internet is like food for humans because they use it everyday from their laptop, computer or smartphone.

     Internet sophistication can indeed be consumed in many fields, one of which is to have positive impacts on the learning process. Internet benefits can be divided into two aspects, are for students and teachers. First, internet for students present to facilitate them in learning procces. It can facilitate them to seek information. Students will easily get information, such as scholarships, competitions, universities, or other knowledge that can be easily accessed. 

The internet is also a medium of communication. In this case, with the internet students can interact directly with the subject, such as through youtube, students can interact with the content provided to facilitate understanding learning. The internet is also a medium for publications. In addition students are able to express their creativity, such as being bloggers, vlogers, etc. Second, besides being beneficial for students, the internet is also beneficial for teachers. The internet for teachers will make them easier to be more professional. Teachers can provide extensive knowledge to their students and also can compare learning systems in Indonesia with learning system of other countries. 

With the internet, teachers can also access information such as, updated educational news in order to balance the learning system, they can also provide interactive learning to students at class. Eventhough lately there have been many negative impacts from the internet for humans in Indonesian, but it needs to be known, the error is not forever from the internet but it is wrong to use it. In the era industry 4.0 the development of the internet will accelerate, and can not be stopped but make it as wisely. Using internet wisely much more bring benefits. 

     In the field of education, the internet is a facility for anyone. Especially for students and teachers, the internet is very important for the learning process to always update information about education. And keep in mind, operate internet be wise so that we can get positive impacts, because many benefits we will found in the internet. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to be wise to use the internet in order to get benefits.