"Global Warming Happens Like The Air Without Controlled"

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Global warming isn't a prediction. It is happening- James Hansen. The quotes said that The problem in the world is happening, is not a prediction; The problem is Global Warming. This kind of problem is the biggest problem in the world, I think every place in the world had been being influenced by this problem. The definition of Global Warming itself is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth's climate.  The important things that we have to know are the process of Global Warming and House to solve this Problem.

The first is this world problem happens because of Greenhouse Effect. Actually, Greenhouse gas had been provided in the atmosphere, likely methane, Carbon Dioxide and many more, it's useful for the world if it is controlled wisely and the gas in the atmosphere in normal conditions. Because of much Human Activity which makes the gas in the atmosphere is higher, the earth temperature will be increasing. So, it will give the impact to the process of solar energy. After the solar energy come to the earth, the greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere will absorb Infrared Radiation from the sun and release it. Some of the heat released reaches the earth, along with heat from the sun that has penetrated the atmosphere. Both the solar heat and the radiated heat are absorbed by the earth and released; some is reabsorbed by greenhouse gases to perpetuate the cycle. The more of these gases that exist, the more heat is prevented from escaping into space and, consequently, the more the earth heats. This increase in heat is called the greenhouse effect.

Second, when we are talking about Global Warming, indirectly we will be talking about the tips for preventing this problem. Many organizations shared and made the event which talking about saving the world materially, but I think this way cannot return our earth like previous. Even there are many event or something which share about the way to decrease this problem, but if we just hear it and there no action from human, that kind of event cannot help for decreasing the Global warming. Now, we can find the simple tips and trick which are will be helping decrease the enhancement and the triggers of Global Warming, here are some little tips that I can tell the world. Firstly, Speak Up! This is the important thing that we need to do together, share to all the people around us how dangerous if the earth becoming higher.

The second way is reducing water waste, we don't know when the drought will happen, so we need to use the water wisely, do not waste the water. Although around our environment still has much water, but we should respect because our friend like in Palestine, Sariah they cannot using the water freely like in our country or region. The third one is changing our yellow bulbs with the Led bulb. Pull the plugs is the activity that almost every always forget to do it, even this is the easiest way and everyone may do it. Starting from now, pull the plugs if we do not use it, this is the next tips. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle, every year enhancement of car or motorcycle purchase is increasing higher, If the vehicle in the world increases it can influence the pollute which is made by this vehicle. So what we need to do is Move the other vehicle that environmentally friendly like a bicycle or the bus.

 As I have mentioned above, the global Warming should happen, because the development of technology that brings the effect also, we cannot blame part of the government or the company that makes the damage in the earth. One thing that we can do now is we are together decreasing the pollute in the atmosphere, clean up the environment around us and reminds each other. How long the age of the earth is determined by the people inside the earth.