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I am Maddy Bris, works at Sunny sky solar- Best solar panel system installer in Brisbane. We offer an extensive range of Solar Panel System which includes a 5kw solar panel system, 6kw or 6.6kw solar panel system, and many more. Whether you’re looking for residential solar power, commercial solar power system, hybrid solar power system our team of professional installers can help you out!



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Step by Step Guide to Install Solar Panel System

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Solar energy is becoming crucial for people; they are ready to invest in solar power systems because they are now getting the right information. Benefits of the solar power system are so fabulous that no one can deny that it is one of the clean and best renewable sources of energy that can be used for a lifetime.

Technology changes and upgrades itself every day and we have seen changing the way of producing solar energy from solar panel technology. This steady change in solar power system technology now made installing solar panels convenient. Most people prefer doing the solar panel installation process from the best solar panel installer because of the quality and safety purpose.

Step by Step Guide to Install Solar Panel System

Today we will discuss the step by step guide to install solar panel system so that if you are heading towards installing a solar panel system on your own then you can take some help from here.

Step 1- Mounting

One of the main things that matter while generating solar energy from the solar panel system is that the panels should be facing the sun. They should be perfectly fitted in a direction where the sun direct meets panels. Fit mounting in a way (tilt angle) in which sunlight direct hits the solar panels and energy generation becomes more efficient.

Step 2- Fit solar panels on mounting

When your mounting work completes, it's time to install solar panels on it. Do it slowly and properly so that they can generate energy with higher efficiency. After fixing, check that nut & bolts are fixed properly so that panels didn't move an inch on windy or rainy days.

Step 3- Wiring

Solar panels are connected with the help of MC4 connectors, which are mostly used in connecting all types of solar panels systems for homes or offices. These connectors make wiring convenient and faster.

In a series connection, take a positive wire from one module and connect it to the negative wire from another module. In parallel type connection, simply connect positive leads to positive and negative to negative. A series connection helps in increasing the voltage that can be matched with the battery bank and a parallel connection helps in maintaining each panel's voltage.

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