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In this day and age, an anti-virus software is essential in order to protect user data and keep your computer secure. For optimal security, you need to ensure your Norton software runs without any error. However, in case you do encounter an error that does not allow you to connect to the server, you can call the Norton customer care number and ask for help. Professional software experts are available round the clock and will give you a step-by-step guide to resolve the issue.




How to Temporarily Disable Norton Security

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Disabling the anti-virus software shall be done at risk as the system can become vulnerable to attacks with viruses and malware. This is basically done when the user wishes to install any application and software in the system and is unable to do as the anti-virus application is causing a hindrance. One can easily disable the software, but don't forget to enable it back again after your desired application has been installed. Looking forward to a solution on how to turn off Norton antivirus, then you have surely come to the right place. You can either connect with us on our Norton Helpline Number or read this particular blog which deals with the proper procedures for the same, and you need to follow it step by step. Since the Norton security product deals with safeguarding your system from unknown applications,

Look at the steps given below in order to temporarily disable the Norton Security

Step 1- Look for the Norton Security icon located on the taskbar or on your desktop and select it with a right click. Now scroll down the drop-down menu and choose the option to 'Disable the Smart Firewall'. Also, provide an estimated time for the firewall to remain disabled. Confirm and apply the changes.

Step 2- You can also temporarily disable the security through a different method. Open the Norton 360 security product and go on the Settings. From there choose the options of Firewall and view the settings.

Step 3- Now go to the General Settings and click on the 'Off' button to disable the firewall.

Step 4- Click to apply the changes and in the command box, also mention the time for how long you wish to turn off the application. Choose the duration accordingly from the 'Service Request' Window.

Step 5- Save the changes.

Disabling the Norton Security is quite easy. There would occur no chance of any error occurring while you are executing the steps, but if it occurs due to any given reason, then don't wait to contact the Norton Phone Number . By dialing this number, you will be able to understand as to where you might be going wrong or what other steps can be applied in order to complete the process. The adepts at this number will be able to help you accordingly and will also make sure that to work gets completed without you facing any kinds of troubles.


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