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"Advantage of High Ceiling"

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Ceiling height takes the major part in spatial quality of a room. Lower ceilings give a sense of intimacy and confinement which will cause discomfort compared to a larger space. On the other hand, high ceilings provide a sense of airiness and spaciousness. 

Historically, ceiling height was also driven by the need to light and ventilate the rooms using natural resources. Just imagine yourself walking into a home with high ceilings. There's the immediate sense of space, air, and light.

Aside from the artistic benefits, did you know that living in a home with high ceilings could not only lift up your spirits but also unlock your brain's attentiveness and creativity? Oshin Vartanian, a psychologist from the University of Toronto-Scarborough did a research and found that, "Rooms with high ceiling promote visuospatial exploration, while at the same time they prompt us to think more freely. This could be a rather potent combination for inducing positive feelings."

The researchers believe their findings mean that people who live in homes with higher ceilings are likely to be more creative. They may solve various problems by thinking of non-traditional and more creative methods. 

Recent psychological studies concluded that ceiling height has a direct influence on your thoughts, emotions and your perception of the world around you. It will stimulate your brain for a more productive life.

It has been proven that higher ceilings promote clearer thinking, increased energy levels and overall sense of happiness. The increased feeling of freedom manifests a sense of well-being, as well as the sense of happiness. 

This has been linked to better healthy, longevity and a stronger immune. Even further, it creates a mind-set shift, a change in perception that resulted in a positive attitude. Wow, who would have thought that having high ceilings can bring so much advantages, right?

Sometimes, we do not pay enough attention on how we are going to utilize the vertical space in our home. Instead, all we think about when decorating our property is about where to put the brand-new furniture. Current studies have ranked ceiling height as one of the top three characteristics to consider when designing new homes. The subtle change will be able to create a powerful impact and long-lasting benefits for the household.

Scientifically speaking, high ceilings creates an illusion of a larger space that has a significant impact on one's sensory receptors. When people do not continuously feel confined or limited, it will boost all of their senses and concentration level. To maximize the effect, try painting the walls with brighter colors. It would really enhance the illusion of spacious room.