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The Role of English Department Students Toward Industry 4.0

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The Role of English Department Students Toward Industry 4.0
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Fourth Industrial Revolution potentially extraordinary in the industry as well as also change various aspects of human life. We have seen many countries, both developed and developing countries, which has included this movement on the national agenda they are one way to increase competitiveness in global market scene. Recently, the Ministry of Industry has developed an initiative "Making Indonesia 4.0" to implement strategy and fourth industrial revolution Roadmap in Indonesia. This Roadmap involves a variety of stakeholders, starting from government institutions, industry associations, business actors, technology providers, as well as research and education institutions. 

The latest industrial revolution drives the automation system in all processes of economic activity. The rapid development of science and technology has a great impact on human life. The increasingly massive internet technology not only connects millions of people around the world but also has become the basis for online trade and transportation transactions. The emergence of online transportation businesses such as Gojek, Uber and Grab shows that the integration of human activities with information technology and the economy is increasing.

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For English department students, fourth industry become awaited era where the students are described as having creative ideas, as well as being able to utilize or create technology, one of which is artificial intelligence, namely robots to help facilitate the completion of work and the technology can later be useful for society, nation and country, the purpose of many hands in control in accordance with their respective functions / tasks, illustrates that students are expected to have skills in the face of the industrial era 4.0, students are described as being able to manage their time well (discipline, one of the hands holding coffee depicts an identical student active at night (staying up)as well as the students are expected to master the foreign language as a tool to create all such things around the world.

In the Industy 4.0 era, in addition to hard work, the workforce is also expected to be technologically literate and fluent in English considering that this language has been designated as an international language, business language and technology language. The practitioner of the Human Resource who is now working in one of the fintech companies in Indonesia, Krisna Parapat, said that although it does not have a direct impact on income, good English language skills can make it easier for the workforce to pursue a career more brilliantly in the Industry 4.0 era. Many research and studies state that currently Englsih language used by 1.75 billion people worldwide. 

Nowadays, more multinational companies use English as the main communication tool in conducting business in order to build strong communication between teams in various countries. If English language proficiency is inadequate, the students will be difficult to compete on the job competition map. For English language university students such as IKIP Gunungsitoli, industry 4.0 has provided a great job opportunity because it is based on the rule of English. Aside from students being prepared to become teachers in schools, English students are also prepared to hone good English skills so it is easy to interact with the world of work throughout the world.

In other hand, Students in their work become an important instrument in implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely as educators and instructors, research and development and community service. As instructors and educators, students are said to be able to play a role in preparing the quality of Indonesian Human Resources by providing education and assistance to the community in order to be able to compete creatively and economically by doing student activities that empower the middle-class economic community down.

Therefore, the process of character formation and soft skills of students without coercion can bring lasting results. Because, the desire to change comes from the students themselves. Students are directed with a variety of positive and responsible activities. Student soft skills will be more honed. They can learn to be able to have initiative, coordinate with other people, learn about how to express their opinions properly, communicate well, and be responsible.

In terms of research and development, students have the responsibility of finding opportunities for middle and lower class people to develop their economies in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 by conducting research related to solutions in improving people's economy and developing basic ideas that benefit people's economy. As Agent of Change, a student must play an active role in community service, by going down to the field and changing the consumptive mindset to be productive in economic activities. In the end, nowadays the community needs students to maintain middle-low economic stability in this "all-machine" era.

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