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Komunitas smule internasional, regional Indonesia. Menjalin persahabatan dengan seluruh penduduk dunia melalui sebuah aplikasi yang bernama Smule




XCS Family, One of the Biggest Group on Smule You Need to Considered

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XCS Family, One of the Biggest Group on Smule You Need to Considered

XCS is Smule or Karaoke online community. XCS stand for Xcellent Collaboration of Singers, established in 18 October 2018.
as an international smule group, we all came from different countries, different languages, different cultures, different religions, etc, but we proved we can unite as one, because we believe MUSIC CAN UNITE THE WORLD.

Our logo and badge contains the word "family" which means each and everyone must be treated not differently but as a family member.
It also has a flag from your country of origin which means we are uniquely different from one another.

Since that we came from different countries and backgrounds, we shall be setting aside our cultural backgrounds and differences.

We shall put friendship and understanding to be on top of our priorities. Our main objective is to treat each and everyone  with politeness, kindness and understanding and most of all to be united and bounded by these goals.