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The Negative Impact of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in Life and How to Overcome It

22 Januari 2022   00:11 Diperbarui: 22 Januari 2022   00:21 104 3 1
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FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is an increasingly common real phenomenon that occurs in every human being and can cause significant stress in human life. Even now there are many risks faced and experienced by everyone who has these feelings. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out refers to an illness or social anxiety syndrome. Feelings of anxiety and fear arise in a person as a result of missing out on something new, such as news, trends, and other things that are things that other people do and cannot do. 

Fear of missing out refers to the feeling or perception that he sees other people having fun, living a better life, or experiencing better things with all the progress in his life compared to our own. This already involves feelings of deep envy. In addition, when we see or witness all the achievements of others who are better which is also an achievement that we want to achieve or feel, we feel that we have lost something important that has been experienced by others. 

Currently, this condition is not only for young people who always experience excessive worry and feel the fear of being left behind on current trends, information, etc. However, parents, especially adult women or mothers can also experience this phenomenon. Seen in reality in FOMO life this can occur in all genders and ages. Because people who experience it often feel afraid of being labeled outdated and not slang. 

This FOMO can happen. A person who experiences FOMO has a lower level of life satisfaction because he constantly compares his life with others. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can indirectly arise through social media. Social media is now widely used as a place to show one's existence, abilities, or lifestyle. Not a few social media users are trying to show that their lives are perfect, even though in reality they are not. This can make some people compare their lives with other people's lives that look extraordinary.

There are many impacts caused by the phenomenon and the majority have negative impacts. FOMO can affect mental health, namely by the emergence of acute anxiety and fear itself, it is already able to affect a person's mental and physical condition. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the use of social media, because excessive use of social media is known to make a person more easily stressed. Inappropriate use of social media can increase the risk of mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders and excessive fear. 

Then, related to mental disorders, namely the emergence of feelings of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction in life. In addition, FOMO can also affect social relationships with other people. For example, a friend refuses your invitation to go somewhere. But a few days later, your friend uploads a picture showing that he went to the place with someone else without your knowledge. This of course can make you feel betrayed the first to invite your friend. The relationship with the friend was not so good.

If we experience the feeling of FOMO within us then we realize it. It would be nice if we take quick steps to overcome the feeling of FOMO. Because the fact is that causing many negative impacts can also make our hearts, souls, and minds uneasy and make our lives not okay. Some things that can be done to overcome the feeling of FOMO is to accept ourselves and everything we have in our lives without having to always follow trends. 

We must be able to realize that it is impossible for us to keep up with developments all the time. It is impossible for a person to continue to be in a pleasant state and not necessarily publish it in cyberspace. If he is aware and feels that it is natural for everyone to have flaws, then feeling left behind by others is not a mistake. We also don't need to compare ourselves with others because everyone is different in their life. In addition, we must also be able to reduce the use of social media if we realize that social media is the main cause of the feeling of FOMO.

In the end we must really be able to realize that we must always be grateful for the life we have and are currently living without having to compare our lives with others. FOMO is not a feeling that makes our lives look good, quite the opposite. By having these feelings we bring ourselves to keep abreast of developments in other people's lives just for fear of being left behind. FOMO also has many negative impacts on ourselves and our lives.

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