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How to Play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Like A Pro

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How to Play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Like A Pro
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is a 5v5 MOBA for handheld devices that offers a variety of playable heroes, game modes, and intense, fast-paced gameplay. Nowdays, Mobile Legends is one of popular mobile games in Indonesia. Even in SEA GAMES 2019, Mobile legends is included in the list of Esports that are contested. 

Therefore, not only children, but also teenagers and adults who like to play this game. When the first time you play it, surely you feel it's difficult. But here, I will share some tips so you can play Mobile Legends like a pro by knowing the abilities of each hero, knowing which items should we use, and practicing the hero the in custom classic mode.


If you want to play like a pro, first you need to know the abilities of each hero in Mobile Legends. There are a lot of heroes with different abilities and roles. How to know the abilities and the roles of each hero, you can see them in the "Heroes" menu at the bottom. 

There are 6 roles such as marksman, mage, tank, support, fighter and assassin. To know the details of the hero you have to click which hero do you want to know then it will show you all about the hero such as the story, abilities, role, specialty, guides and build recommendation.

For beginners, I suggest you use Alucard because his skills are easy to use. His first skill named groundsplitter, this skill can make Alucard jump into the target and cause 240 physical damage. 

The second skill is whirlwind slash that Alucard can attack with his sword and cause 230 physical damage. The last is the ultimate is fission wave that he can increase his lifesteal by 20%. From this, we know that Alucard produces physical damage. For his combo skill you can use skill one, then the ultimate and skill two.


Besides knows the abilities of each hero, we have to know the items too. You can see the items description in the preparation menu and click equipment book. The items separated into 6 types, they are attack, magic, defense, movement, juggling, and roaming. Attack items for heroes who can produce physical damage. 

Mage items for heroes who can produce magical damage. Defense items are required items for tank but usually all roles of heroes use one of defense items to protect them. Movement for increasing the movement speed. Juggling items for increasing physical or magical damage to monsters jungle, so you can farm quickly. 

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