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Volunteering Activity: What I Can Take

18 Oktober 2021   09:30 Diperbarui: 18 Oktober 2021   09:33 67 1 0
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I was teaching English to my Thailand student (dokpri)

Volunteering activity is bombarding people around the world through an amazing experience they might obtain. I can say so it is because it seems like they try to find a sense of pride, a meaningful life, to learn, or they might truly have something to share with someone else. It is true that the more people share, then the more they gain. Also, the awareness to care about has been a consideration for them to do, they think that caring and sharing are much more important than anything since there are still many people who need a hand in truth. Therefore, volunteering becomes popular among people now.

However, it cannot be denied that getting involved in the volunteering activity can not only help for personal satisfaction but also stimulate for pursuing dreams. It is possible enough by joining volunteering activity people are able to reach their dream or their career, but this should be noticed that volunteering activity needs sincerity in doing at whatever people expect at first. While thinking of how it can help to reach people’s dreams, it apparently provides valuable activities so that encourage people to be both mature and professional.

Gain new skills

As people can fully feel that new skills will be automatically gained if they follow the volunteering activity. Those new skills basically include organization, time management, problem-solving, leadership, presentation, teamwork, interpersonal communication, and creative thinking. People must have known that volunteering activity serves a new challenge or even problem that they have never seen beforehand. As a result, it a little bit forces them to solve collectively, not individually. In fact, when they do it in a group, there will be good steps offered and connection among them since it needs a proper formula of action, so the problem can be handled easily. It can be said that collaboration among them is significantly needed if not they will face another difficulty for the next. Uniquely, people tend to voluntarily collaborate with each other in order to tackle every single problem if something bad happens whether or not it is sudden. It might be because people are social being who needs someone else to live together. I call it harmony.

Create professional contact

People have to realize that collaboration in volunteering activity leads them to broaden their social networking deeply. They must have understood that it takes good communication and teamwork, so then they should have known each other personally in depth. Even, they continuously keep in touch when their volunteering activity has finished. This should be taken into account that social networking which is from volunteering activity is believed as a helpful tool to boost people’s career path professionally. Indeed, they often get offered a higher position then. It has to be the experience in it which cannot be bought or bartered with luxury things. It indicates the most valuable thing if they have done the volunteering activity. In the other words, volunteers are priceless people to have in a workspace. In general, having a lot of friends interestingly can make people easy to do something, or problems would come in handy if they have a large number of people they know well.

In brief, I am not writing too much here where it is true based on what I have observed from people who have ever done this. They tend to be able to accelerate themselves to communicate well, adjust to any kind of situation in a work and even solve the hard problem effectively and efficiently. Amazingly, those all turn me to be always motivated in volunteering activity I have. Besides, they seem to easily collaborate with any kind of persons in diversity since it looks like they have habituated themselves in the width of social networking they own beforehand.

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