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Eid Homecoming

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Many people claim that mudik or homecoming is a socio-cultural phenomenon. It is human flesh and blood Indonesia. Various rational reasons seem unable to explain the phenomenon closely woven into the cultural values of the Indonesian nation. Not going home once a year just simply releasing the longing for the hometown but it contains meaning much deeper than that. If only just to treat longing for the family or hometown, of course, can be done at another time, outside of Eid.

Indeed, there are various reasons why people return home for Eid. However, a phenomenon homecoming is clearly closely related to cultural reasons which involve three main things, namely cultural needs to visit parents and family, make pilgrimages to the graves of relatives, and observing the family inheritance at the place of origin. If all three reasons are not present, then It can be ascertained that the urge to go home before Eid is almost non-existent.

However that is the most basic of these three things seems to be the reasons for visiting parents and relatives. In the Indonesian nation, there is generally a kind of apparent cultural need a force capable of "forcing" migrants to return home to visit their parents and relatives at the time of Eid. The cultural needs are so strong and encouraging people to go home to homecoming. The urge gets stronger with perception that the most suitable and appropriate opportunity for children against parents.

In my opinion, homecoming also confirms human nature as a social being. Gathering interwoven during homecoming is a sweet interaction between a human being and his fellow man. Through friendship we are reminded again that a human cannot maintain life and life without the help and interaction with others. In the end, the friendship as part of the homecoming became a very humane means and interactive to build tolerance because homecoming and hospitality are also carried out woven by many people from various backgrounds, including religion.

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