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To escape, one needs to know what is one is escaping from. One can not escape if one just returns from where one started. Ancient symbols were tools. The symbols themselves have lost their meanings because their meanings are not that important. Sacred texts have lost their meanings because their meanings are not that important. The meanings are not important because meanings are symbols in themselves and holds the seeker back.

It is the process that the symbols are unlocking. Not an intellectual pursuit, nor a gathering of facts and knowledge. A process into a different part of the brain.

Perceiving geometrical shapes around us. All the objects in our world are made from geometrical shapes, a triangle, square, circle, rectangle and so on. To ponder and to wonder why this is so. All these shapes come from a singular point. We are taught this in school. We never paused to wonder how this is so.

Why is it so? Everything is connected. You need to touch this. It is not words. When one feels a wind inside one's brain, that is when you have touched it! Not an intellectual gathering of facts, but an opening to wonder, amazement, an unknown feature.

Once you feel the shapes all around, once you touch the shapes all around, are you then the one connecting all these dots or pixels of colour into recognisable geometrical shapes and patterns?

The answer is never important. It is the feeling of this other process opening you up!

 You are on the first step to actually realising that the external world is not quite what it seems. You have started to escape